Dragon Ball Musical: Chinese New Year Event

Recently on the internet, a Dragon Ball Musical is going viral right now. Bilibili hosted the New Year gala event on the 40th anniversary of the franchise in China. The O-DOG youth dancing troupe from China performed. Hiroki Takahashi, the vocalist of the first Dragon Ball anime opening, “Makafushigi Adventure!”, joined him to celebrate Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary and 2024 as the lunar year of the dragon. With over 344 million viewers at once, the festival set a new record for live streaming on Bilibili.

Dragon Ball goes Musical

The Dragon Ball Musical show was a narrative in and of itself, with scenes including tail Goku, Goku vs. Tien Shinhan, and a fierce light show involving Goku and Vegeta.

Vegito, yet another light show, emerges during a Majin Buu battle that also features a fusion dance by Vegeta and Goku. At long last, the finale—a complete ensemble performance with Takahashi on vocals.

Master Roshi was one of many beloved figures who received unique appearances. Along with Vegeta, who got an island stage complete with smoke effects, he performed a full split and received a hip-hop solo in Dragon Ball Musical.

In addition to a charming couples dance for Chi-Chi and Goku, Dr. Slump’s Arale Norimika made an unexpected cameo.

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More by Bilibili in Dragon Ball Musical

Bilibili, a video portal comparable to YouTube, assembled an outstanding program for its yearly New Year’s gala, which included the Dragon Ball Musical performance. The theme of this year’s event was a mashup of Eastern and Western media. Artists like Jake Miller and Ava Max represented the world at large.

Not to mention performances by Chinese ensembles that paid tribute to beloved international classics such as Dragon Ball Musical and anime, Ultraman, Tom & Jerry, Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go!!, Harry Potter, and Mickey Mouse.

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Dragon Ball Musical
Credit: Akira Toriyama

Know about Dragon Ball

Drawing inspiration from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, Dragon Ball has become one of China’s most beloved anime series. The protagonist of Journey to the West, Sun Wukang, who had magical abilities, served as inspiration for Son Goku. The show’s fighting style draws heavily on kung fu and karate, two classic Chinese martial arts.

The performance marks both the year of the Dragon and Dragon Ball Musical, 40th anniversary. Fans were also eagerly anticipating Dragon Ball Daima, the next chapter in the series that will follow Goku and his friends as they are reborn as children and must find a way to return to their adult selves. October 2024 is the planned premiere date for the Dragon Ball Daima anime.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 Release Date

Dragon Ball Musical
Credit: Akira Toriyama

The fans of the Dragon Ball franchise are also waiting for the Super. The release date for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 is January 19, 2024, at 12 am JST. The fans and readers can enjoy the manga on Manga Plus and Viz Media.


As “Burst Forth – Light of Death!” in Chapter 100 of Dragon Ball Super begins, the gigantic Cell Max is still the main enemy. Those who have watched Super: Super Hero will find that the plot doesn’t hold much suspense.

The previous chapter ended with a supercharged Gohan Beast getting ready to unleash his destructive Special Beam Cannon on the evil bio-android. The manga continues right where it left off with this scene.

In the first several pages, we learn that Cell Max is about to end due to Gohan’s strike. Chapter 100 seems more like a prolonged epilogue than a climactic conclusion because the combat ends so suddenly. Having said that, it manages to provide powerful splash panels that emphasize how crucial Gohan Beast’s offensive was.

The focus of this chapter is on what happens after Gohan wins, so readers may fully appreciate his triumph and everything it means, rather than a nail-biting battle scene.

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