Queen Bee 302 raw scans: The nurse got caught

The Friday has arrived pretty fast and Queen Bee 302 raw scans and spoilers are out. And looking at the chapter, it seems the things are not looking good for Park (the nurse). She has got caught in the trap of Dalhu. Next week, it seems another disgusting chapter of the manhwa is about to drop. The raw scans are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Spoilers and Summary for Queen Bee 302 raw scans

Queen Bee 302 raw scans
Ami ai work from Queen Bee manhwa

The spoilers and a summary for Queen Bee 302 raw scans start with Dalhu getting a text on his phone. He was just about to enter his flat, where Pyo was waiting for him.

In the message, it was mentioned that the Park (the nurse) had been caught in Busan by the thugs. Dalhu thinks that his old man (Mr. Yoo) predicted right about this.

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The nurse

Then we head for the flashback, the day before Dalhu was planning his trip with the old man. They both had a conversation and Dalhu seems to be talking about his wife’s situation.

He says that he will not have any resentment or revenge towards his child and will raise him well. Dalhu says he wants to make a good memory with his father on the trip Next Dalhu asks about Park (nurse), does he know where did she disappeared?

Dalhu plans for nurse

Then the scenario changed in Queen Bee 302 raw scans, where Dalhu and Dali were talking. And Pyo was listening to them from the stairs. It is the flashback scene.

Dalhu also asks about Park from Dali. He says to Dali that he is going to catch her and going to sell her off. We see a flashback where Park (nurse) back in the day wanted to be the real mother of Dalhu.

That has fueled more anger for Dalhu. Next, we are back to Dalhu and Old man conversations. Dalhu says and asks how can he leave Park (nurse) like that
she also needs to be punished. The old man suddenly remembered that park wanted to go to her friend’s house in Busan. From there Dalhu gets the hint.

Queen Bee 302 raw scans
Dali from Queen Bee/ Credit: Toptoon and Day Comics

Next revenge?

Back to the present time in Queen Bee 302 raw scans, we see Dalhu leaving his apartment, while Pyo still waiting inside. In the next panel, we see Pyo and Dali talking with each other on a phone call.

Dali wants Pyo to come out from there after placing the photo, she doesn’t want Pyo to get into more trouble. Dalhu is driving his car, and where thinks about how Dali has been deceiving them all.

He says after punishing park, he is coming after her. And for Pyo, he will feed him to bears alive.


On the other hand at the same time, the pastor arrived with his fatty bodyguard somewhere kind of godown. The old driver is also present there.

The bear guy was caught and hanging. It seems Dali has told everything to the pastor. He thinks Dalhu is crazy and is just like satan.

At the same time, in a closed school area, the nurse was tied, and Dalhu was reading her text with Pyo. He knows how Pyo helped her to escape.

At the end of the chapter, many ub’s started to arrive.

Where the fans can read Queen Bee 302 raw scans

The fans and readers can read the manhwa on Day Comics and Toptoon officially.

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