Secret Class 201 raw scans and summary

The new chapter has been released and fans wanted to know more about Secret Class 201 raw scans. We saw Daeho and June traveling back to their home on the bus. This chapter mostly has hot scenes between both of them. At least June looks pretty good in this one. And the chapter was much better than the previous one. You can check @Youngboy18plus on Twitter for raw scans.

Secret Class 201 raw scans
Secret Class/ Credit: Day Comics/ Toptoon

Summary for Secret Class 201 raw scans

The Secret Class 201 raw scans started with Daeho enjoying his romance with June on the bus. He expresses his love for June, while she just wants him to stop. As she was worried they could be seen by someone on the bus.

But who is Daeho? He didn’t care for it. We see them having S** in the back. Suddenly the driver stopped the bus. Here I thought, he might have seen them or heard the voice.

However, he informed them that they had arrived at the rest stop and that the bus would stop there for 10 minutes. Everyone started to get off the bus except for Daeho and June. We see Daeho and June getting more romantically involved in the next scene. That’s how the Secret Class 201 raw scans end here.

Where The Fan Can Read?

The Secret Class 201 raw scans have been released on Toptoon Korea. The english translation will be released on Sunday, on Day Comics officially.

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What Happened before?

Initially, the story opens with June seated alone in the room. During the time that Dae-ho was groping Sul-hee in the restroom.

She began to wonder why he was being so slow, and she realized that he was trying to reassure her in his way. Daeho, meantime, begins to reassure Sul-hee that he is clean and promises to undo everything that transpired in the previous chapter.

The author’s ability to concoct such complete gibberish is beyond me. In the end, Sul-hee says to her master that this is exactly what she desires, and she revels in the moment.

Bus ride

We caught a glimpse of a brief steamy moment between the two of them. Also happening simultaneously is June’s jealousy. She is unhappy with Daeho’s excessive spending time with her. His separation from her felt like a physical force.

The scene ends with Sul-hee declaring her back to him. Even as he responds, Daeho vows that nothing like that would ever happen again. What are your plans? Oh my god, that’s terrible! When it happened, he stood motionless as if his balls had frozen.

After that, June and Daeho get back on the bus in Secret Class 200 English. Sul-hee will make every effort to obtain more information once again. If June asks her spouse for evidence, Daeho will be able to get it.

With only two hours to go before getting home, Daeho began to have an intimate encounter with June. Even though it was brief, that was the end of Secret Class 200 English.

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