Delicious in Dungeon, Anime Adaptation of an Exciting Manga

Netflix is all set to release an upcoming fantasy Japanese anime series named, ‘Delicious in Dungeon’. This is going to be the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name, which is written and designed by Ryoko Kui. The manga was first published by Enterbrain in February 2014 and it lasted till 2023. Yen Press, an American graphic novel and manga publisher licensed the manga series in North America. Yoshihiro Miyajima has directed the anime series, whereas Kimiko Ueno has written it.

Trigger is the production company which has produced the series. An independent television station in Tokyo named Tokyo MX will provide the network for the series. Now, let’s know more about the series’ release date, plot, cast and production.

Delicious in Dungeon Release Date

The makers of the series released the official teaser on Netflix site and Netflix’s official Youtube channel. The teaser was released on 2 July 2023 and within the time span of around 5 months, more than 450 thousand people have watched it on Youtube. The expectations of it to reach an even larger audience is high, because it is just the teaser which has been released by the makers. Soon the makers will release the trailer of Delicious in Dungeon and it is a much anticipated one. 

The makers in association with Netflix will release the series on 4th of January 2024.

The series will only be available on Netflix, as it is the official distribution partner.

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Plot of the Series

There exists a fantasy world, where guilds go out in search of the dungeons and raid them. There is a mysterious golden kingdom, which everyone hopes to find one day. The story is about 6 adventure seekers, who try to slay a dragon. However, in an attempt to do so, they lost Falin, who is the sister of the sister of Laios. Laios is also the leader of the group. From here onwards, the story takes pace and many events unfold with time. Delicious in Dungeon is going to be a series worth watching, as its story is quite catchy and anticipating. 

This is Netflix’s brief introduction about the series: ‘Dungeons, dragons and delicious monster stew!? Adventure foray into a cursed buried kingdom to save their friend, cooking up a storm along the way’.

Cast of the Story

Kentaro Kumagai, Sayaka Sembongi, Asuna Tomari, Hiroshi Naka, Saori Hayami, Akira Miki, Shinji Kawada, Wataru Kato, Rie Takahashi, Miyu Tomita, Toora Nara, Yuya Hirose, Kei Kawamura

Director: Yoshihiro Miyajima

Genres: Sci-fi & Fantasy Anime, Japanese, Anime Series, Seinen Anime, TV Shows Based on Manga

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