Secret Class 203 raw scans: Daeho told the truth!

It seems the plot is still going to move on with each chapter. Secret Class 203 raw scans have been released and it seems Daeho has something to say. Along with the important point, we see him and Mia in hot scenes at the start. Let’s check out the summary and release date for the english chapter. The raw scans are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Secret Class 203 raw scans
Soo-hee from secret Class/ Credit: Toptoon and Day Comics

Spoilers and Summary for Secret Class 203 raw scans

The manhwa, Secret Class 203 raw scans start with Mia and Daeho scenes. Mia felt really nice after a long time with him. However, Daeho was tired and wanted to do it the next day.

Mia found it more suspicious and wanted him to tell him the real reason. After he left, even June left and Mia wanted to know the reason. She wanted to know the truth.

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Daeho snapped and finally started to dominate her. Then suddenly Sua stepped inside the room. Now both the sister wants to know the real reason behind the trip.

He finally let them know that his parents didn’t die in an accident. Both sisters were shocked to know. He revealed that it was a murder that was covered up as an accident.

Daeho also revealed that someone contracted a killer. But didn’t exactly reveal who was behind it. He only said that the one who was behind got the most benefit. That’s how the Secret Class 203 raw scans ended.

Secret Class 203 raw scans
Secret Class manhwa/ Credit: DayComics, Toptoon

What happened previously?

Beginning their romance on the bus, Daeho and June continue their story in this chapter.

June felt incredible after that, despite her slight fear. They kissed in a panel that was quite steamy. The focus then returns to their little abode.

It was late at night when they both made it home. Why were they running behind schedule? Mia began to interrogate them. She even asked Daeho what had happened. But Daeho reassured them that everything was under control. However, Mia had a feeling something was off.

The following morning, we observe them all enjoying a meal together. Even Uncle June wanted to know how her trip was. June responded by saying that Sul-hee, who was alone, needed company.

Pursue goals

Even Daeho’s uncle wanted to know why he had traveled to the city. Now that he’s an adult, he claims, it’s the ideal spot for him to pursue his goals.

The next thing we know, it’s nighttime in Secret Class 202 English. As for Daeho, he sleeps soundly in his bed. After sneaking into his room, Mia began s*cking him behind his back. He began to inquire as to her whereabouts after waking up.

Mia wanted to know if he missed being with him. Finally, in the last panel, they engage in romance.

Where the fans can read Secret Class 203 raw scans

The fans and readers can read the manhwa, Secret Class 203 raw scans on Toptoon Korea. On Sunday, it will be available to read day Comics in English.

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