Sentenced to Be a Hero Release Date and What to Expect

The award-winning dark fantasy light novel series is finally going to get adapted by Studio Kai. Sentenced to Be a Hero release date is very much anticipated right now. But for now a key visual and a teaser has only been released.

Sentenced to Be a Hero Release Date
Sentenced to Be a Hero Release Date Key Visual/ Credit: Kodakawa and Crunchyroll

Sentenced to Be a Hero Release Date

As of writing, the Sentenced to Be a Hero release date has not been announced yet. However, we predict that this anime might be released by Fall. We will update more information once it is confirmed.

The anime is set to animated by Studio Kai who has made animes like Skeleton Knight in Another World and many more.

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Official Synopsis for Sentenced to Be a Hero

Heroism—a punishment for only the worst criminals. Those sentenced to the fate of a hero are forced to fight on the front lines against deadly centers of contagion that rot the land and turn its creatures into roving armies of violent beasts. And if a hero dies, their only reward is being brought back to life so they can continue the never-ending battle. But when Xylo Forbartz, a member of Penal Hero Unit 9004 and a convicted goddess killer, comes face-to-face with a new goddess, the pact they forge might just be enough to change the world…

Source: Comic Natalie

Know more about Sentenced to Be a Hero anime

Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004, the original novel is written by Rocket Shokai and illustrated by MEPHISTO. The original raw version in Japan is published by ASCII Media Works. The English version of the series is published by Yen Press.

Now after reading the plot and watching the teaser, the criminals are forced to become heroes here. Now this reminds me of Drifter, Suicide Squad, and The Boys.

The worst criminals are sentenced to heroism here, they are forced to fight on the frontlines against the beast and the demon lord. And if they die their only way is to bring them back to life and fight once again, a never-ending cycle.

The animation looks pretty clean and good. I am personally pretty excited to watch this on the very first day of its release. Although Sentenced to Be a Hero release date is not announced yet.

Is there any manga?

Yes, there is but there are only 10 chapters published right now, and haven’t updated since a long time. I think they are mostly focusing on the novel and upcoming anime.

You can read Sentenced to Be a Hero manga on Kodawa Comic Walker. You can also purchase the English-translated volumes from Kodakawa.

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