Spare Me Great Lord season 2 is finally out!

Donghua anime has always been known for its classic cliche story with great animation. Fans were delighted when they heard about Spare Me Great Lord season 2 has finally started. Season 1 has gorgeous animations, and fight sequences, plus the the plot was also good. There are twelve episodes of the 2021–released ONA series, which is based on a Chinese manhua, that are now accessible to stream online.

Where to watch and release date for Spare Me Great Lord season 2

Spare Me Great Lord season 2
Spare Me Great Lord season 2/ Credit: QQ/ Big Firebird culture/ Tencent

For now, Episode 1 and Episode 2 are already out for Spare Me Great Lord season 2. Both episodes were released on December 30, 2023. It is produced by Tencent Animations and the Tencent penguin pictured. the studio behind the donghua is Big Firebird culture. It is officially streaming on QQ.

For now, you can find the anime on YouTube. But soon it will be available to stream everywhere. Also, expect Spare Me Great Lord season 2 episode 3 to be released by January 6, 2024.

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A small recap

The Donghua’s, Da Wang Rao Ming, first twelve episodes set the stage for a world where special abilities are commonplace. Lu Shu discovered a cheat code as everyone else was in a mad dash to level up their abilities.

When people think poorly of him, his Negative Emotion System kicks in and makes him stronger. He spends his days teasing others and playing with power-ups.

After escaping the wreckage alive in episode 12 of “Spare Me, Great Lord,” Lu Shu’s younger sister approached him. He gained unwelcome attention after he took the “Mountain and River Seal” from the ruins.

He discovers that the seal has control over all of Luo City’s superpowers when he begins to fiddle with it. A gate he is unable to open causes him to believe that it leads straight to the ruins, so he opposes it.

Spare Me Great Lord season 2
Credit: QQ/ Big Firebird culture/ Tencent

Know more about Spare Me Great Lord

This book, Spare Me Great Lord, falls under the genres of action, adventure, and comedy, and it is rather popular among readers. The Speaking Pork Trotter is the author of this piece.

Lu Shu, an orphan, is the protagonist of this story. He is more than just an ordinary orphan; he is a metahuman seeing the beginning of the magical period’s transformations in himself, his country, and the planet.

Follow Lu Shu as he embarks on a journey to hone his extraordinary abilities alongside his sister, the beautiful and lively Lu Xiaoyu. Along their journey, they will encounter supernatural occurrences, obstacles, and even their country’s most powerful citizens.

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