The 4 Best Anime genre for Every Mood

There’s something for everyone in the fascinating and varied world of Japanese animation, known as “anime.” The anime world has something to offer everyone, whether they are looking for intense action, touching romance, hilarious comedy, or thought-provoking drama. Here are the 4 best anime for every mood and genre.

For the Action Enthusiast

The 4 Best Anime genre
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  1. Attack on Titan (2013-present): On a planet besieged by monstrous humanoid creatures known as Titans, humanity is on the verge of extinction. Watch as the characters fight for their lives in nail-biting battles and thrilling action moments.
  2. My Hero Academia (2016-present): Join Izuku Midoriya, a youngster without a Quirk who dreams of becoming a hero in a world where people with extraordinary abilities (called “Quirks”) are the norm. Experience the thrill of epic conflicts and the unyielding will of would-be heroes as they fight to safeguard humanity.
  3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019-present): Engross oneself in the historical context of the Taisho period in Japan, wherein Tanjiro Kamado undertakes a perilous endeavor to cure demons and exact vengeance for the murder of his family. Witness stunning sword battles and the unyielding will of a young kid who will stop at nothing to protect those he holds dear. This is the action-based genre from the 4 best anime genres.

For the Romance Seeker

The 4 Best Anime genre
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  1. Your Lie in April (2014-2015): Discover a story of bittersweet romance and the power of music as former piano prodigy Kousei Arima meets Kaori Miyazono, a vibrant violinist who reawakens his love for music and life.
  2. Fruits Basket (2019-present): An orphaned girl named Tohru Honda sets out on a journey of self-discovery and healing when she becomes entangled with the mysterious Soma family, who are all cursed to turn into animals of the zodiac.
  3. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (2018): Delve into the sympathetic and funny world of two office professionals who share a secret passion for otaku culture, navigating the obstacles and delights of finding love while juggling their hidden passions.

For the Comedy Lover

The 4 Best Anime genre
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  1. Gintama (2006-2010): Gintoki Sakata, a slacker samurai in a satirical version of Edo-era Japan, and his wacky friends run a side company doing odd activities for cash. Gintama is hilarious thanks to its clever writing, hilarious slapstick, and hilarious characters.
  2. Barakamon (2014): Enjoy the lighthearted humor and touching scenes as Seishuu Handa, a talented but volatile calligrapher, is banished to a distant island where he meets a group of eccentric islanders who teach him about the value of art and life.
  3. Daily Lives of High School Boys (2012): Follow a bunch of high school males as they deal with the ups and downs of being teenagers, from in-class hijinks to social missteps, in this entertaining and relatable comedy.

For the Drama Buff

The 4 Best Anime genre
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  • Violet Evergarden (2017-2018): Follow along with Violet Evergarden as she goes through the ups and downs of her emotional journey from soldier to Auto Memory Doll.
  • A Silent Voice (2016): Witness the profound impact that empathy and forgiveness have on Shōya Ishida, an ex-bully who yearns for redemption, as he reestablishes contact with the deaf girl he tormented in elementary school. In doing so, he confronts the gravity of his previous actions and the potential for reconciliation.
  • Clannad (2007) and Clannad: After Story (2008-2009): Tomoya Okazaki, a jaded high school student, meets a sequence of amazing people who show him the meaning of connection and happiness and lead him to a newfound appreciation for life.

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