Top 10 Chinese Anime in recent times

When it comes to Chinese Anime or Donghua, they are known for their ultimate story, romance, action, and animation. Chinese animation has its origins in the early 20th century and a long history of cultural enrichment. The popularity of donghua, however, has skyrocketed in recent years. We will present you with the top 10 Chinese anime of all time. But before let’s check out more about them.

Chinese animation, in contrast to its Japanese counterpart, takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Some of the donghua are retellings of classic folktales, light novels, or popular Chinese online novels. This method permits an original combination of storytelling, including aspects of Chinese culture into the story without breaking a sweat.

Chinese anime frequently delves into themes that seamlessly blend fantasy, martial arts, and historical storytelling. “White Cat Legend” and “Fog Hill of Five Elements” are only two of the acclaimed donghua series that highlight the landscape’s variety and inventiveness. Also, remember, the anime in the list are not ranked for any favoritism or how good or bad is it.

10. Quanzhi Fashi: Full-Time Magister

Chinese Anime

To make ends meet, Mo Fan, who is the son of a disabled sister and a poor laborer, must take odd jobs. Nonetheless, he finds himself whisked away to a parallel reality that resembles our own, with the exception that magic reigns supreme over science.

Students of magic learn spells and hone their abilities in this domain so that they can face the terrifying monsters that lurk in the forest outside the city. Also, he gets into the famous magic academy because he wants to be a magician.

Despite being the son of a poor man, he remains unshaken and unstoppable. The power to ignite both fire and lightning is under Mo Fan’s control! In general, the show is entertaining and gets a high rating.

9. The Daily Life Of The Immortal King

Chinese Anime

In Wang Ling’s narrative, readers follow The Daily Life of the Immortal King. A cultivation prodigy from infancy, Wang Ling has been able to advance two realms every two years.

As a planter, he lives a low-key life, but at sixteen years old, he must confront his greatest challenge to date. Secondary Education. Despite facing challenges, Wang Ling strives to conceal his cultivation activities, but he finds it increasingly difficult to do so.

Watching the anime is a blast, and the story is captivating. In addition to a 2021 premiere, a second season has also released for this Chinese anime.

8. Yao Shen Ji: Tales Of Demons & Gods in Chinese Anime

Chinese Anime

Nie Li, the protagonist of the corresponding novel, began the series as a feeble demon spiritist. But Nie becomes an unstoppable force and the martial arts world’s top dog by sheer willpower.

In a confrontation with the Sage Emperor and animals ranked among the gods, Nie Li meets his untimely demise. Now his spirit returns to his 13-year-old self, and he resumes his role as the class clown.

This time around, Nie is extremely motivated to rescue the downtrodden, defend his city, and vanquish the Sacred Family, who were responsible for its destruction in his previous incarnation.

7. Tong Ling Fei: Psychic Princess

Chinese Anime

Despite the show’s billing as a romantic comedy, the plot is everything but lighthearted. The emperor has set the marriage of Qian Yunshang and Ye Youming in stone. However, Ye is concerned that the animosity between the two families may lead to disrespectful treatment of her.

As a result, Qian Yun Xi—his hidden daughter, whom they exiled because of her extraordinary abilities—decides to make an appearance. Even though Qian Yunshang rejected her, she still agree despite the harsh treatment she had from her own family.

But Qian Yun Xi is so cute that he can’t help but be smitten. In the story, she takes the lead because of her immense power. Once she steps into the frame, the anime becomes a delightful and refined comedy.

6. Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl And Sapphire

Chinese Anime

Beryl, the kind-hearted protagonist, and Sapphire, the timid antagonist, are the stars of Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan, which is maybe the most original drama here.

Beryl and Sapphire have the power to transform from best friends to archenemies whenever they want. In every episode, they meet in a new setting and usually react with anxiety.

With the protagonists serving as story hinges, the plot thickens with intrigue as you go. The incredible bond between Beryl and Sapphire is the center of the story, which explores numerous science fiction ideas. Although it’s not blatantly BL, you must be aware that this is a shounen-ai series.

5. Mo Dao Zu Shi: Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

Chinese Anime

Every cultivator dreams of reaching Xian, a state of immortality. Cultivators must avoid the forbidden demonic road, or Mo Dao, because for every yin, there is a yang.

In the midst of his experiments, cultivator Wei Wuxia unwittingly treads the demonic road, ushering in a period of anarchy and devastation that ultimately leads to his downfall at the hands of his one true ally.

After a long time has passed, Wuxia returns as Lang Wangji, a madman and one of his former classmates. They create an unlikely relationship as they go on a mysterious journey filled with mystery and obstacles.

Everyone loves this donghua because it is now one of the most popular ones. Also, Season 3 is about ready to drop. Both the animation and soundtrack are top-notch in this Chinese anime.

4.  Zhen Hun Jie: Rakshasa Street

Chinese Anime

Xia Ling acquires his guardian spirit through a fortuitous encounter, transforming him into a rare soul user. Something is amiss, though. Now we follow Xia Ling as he embarks on a quest to discover his guardian spirit and the reason behind his selection as one.

The manhua “Requiem Street” served as the inspiration for the anime. While many fans enjoy the tale, others find fault with the animation, which combines computer-generated imagery with traditional 2D animation. The donghua-loving community loves it despite the bland plot.

3. Quan Zhi Gao Shou: The King’s Avatar

Chinese Anime

Probably my personal favourite in the Chinese anime list. Quan Zhi Gao Shou, one of the list’s most famous donghua, is an absolute favorite among Chinese anime fans.

Glory, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, was Ye Xiu’s forte. Because of his legendary attributes and abilities, he was known as the “Battle God” in the game. However, Ye eventually receives an ultimatum to leave the game and his gaming career behind.

Ye, who now works at an internet café, jumps right back into the game with a new character named “Lord Grim” after learning that the game’s ninth server has been released. Ye has been training for years to become the first to reach the peak of Glory, and he plans to use his superior skills to accomplish his goal.

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2. Doupo Cangqiong: Battle Through The Heavens

Chinese Anime

A little child named Xiao Yan had extraordinary abilities that were beyond the comprehension of those around him. People revered and feared him and his family because of his abilities.

He goes so far as to propose to Yan Ran Na Lan, a member of a prominent family. His talents started to fade for unknown reasons once he turned 11. Even after three years, people still didn’t see him or his family as valuable.

Since Yan Ran does not want a husband who is a waste of time, she is considering breaking off her engagement with him. Then, three years from now, Xiao challenges her to a duel; the winner gets to do as he pleases with her, while the victor gets to end the engagement.

The world-building and character arcs in the first season of the anime aren’t particularly exciting, but they pick up steam in subsequent seasons. Those who are interested in seeing Chinese animation will need to adjust to the 3D style.

1. Douluo Dalu: Soul Land

Chinese Anime

Soul Land, also known as the ongoing serial Douluo Dalu. Everyone in the Douluo has a spirit within them. Some of them are able to control their spirits and become Spirit Masters, which seems like a great honor.

Being a student of the most esteemed martial arts clan in the Tang Sect, Tang was an expert in the use of concealed weapons.

But Tang gives up his present existence in pursuit of the clan’s forbidden knowledge. After he jumps from Hell’s Peak, Tang discovers that he has been reincarnated in an unfamiliar planet.

A universe where he is the son of a blacksmith. At the tender age of six, Tang takes part in the Spirit Master ritual, only to learn that his spirit is meaningless. His abilities, however, are among the most frightening of his kind. This concludes our list for Chinese anime.

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