Top 10 Transmigration Manhwa You Must Read

Similar to Reincarnation, Transmigration manhwa tells the story where the main character gets transmigrated to another world with their memories intact. Some are super strong from the start, while some have to travel a thorny path to become strong. But reading this type of story is always entertaining and we present to you our top 10 transmigrated manhwa that you must read.

1. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Anime Adaptation
Kim Dokja from Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint/ Credit: Naver and Webtoons

Well, Kim Dokja(main character) doesn’t transmigrate but instead, the novel world that he has read becomes the reality and gets mixed with his world. And only he has read the whole novel till the end. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is probably the best manhwa and novel I have read in this genre.

Kim dedicates most of his life to reading a book. Even if there are a lot of readers at the beginning of the story, at the end he is the only one. Not long after the release of the last chapter, he gets a message from the writer. Subsequently, everything changes.

Kim immediately sees that everything has turned into the plot of the book he was reading, and he has a firm grasp of the ending. Otherworldly beings observe them like a live broadcast, his reality becomes populated with monsters, and individuals from other realities (his novel’s characters) also populate it. He also uses the novel as a cheat sheet by saving it to his phone.

You can read the manhwa officially on Naver and Webtoons platform.

2. The Greatest Estate Developer

Transmigration Manhwa
The Greatest Estate Developer manhwa/ Credit: Naver/ Webtoon

Lloy Frontera, the king of making faces has garnered immense popularity among the fans. The Greatest Estate Developer is an absolute gem that doesn’t have a single boring chapter so far.

Suho Kim, a student of civil engineering, dreams that he is a character in a fantastical tale. Lloyd Frontera is a drunken, sluggish nobleman whose family is deeply in debt, and Suho has taken up residence in his body.

To save himself from the dreadful fate that awaits him, Suho uses his engineering knowledge to create devices. Can Suho rescue his adopted family from financial ruin and provide them with a brighter future with the aid of a knight, a gigantic hamster, and the magic of the world?

Fans can enjoy this manhwa only on Naver and Webtoons platforms officially.

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3. The Beginning After the End is the best Transmigration Manhwa

The Beginning After the End Chapter 177
The Beginning After the End season 6 cover/ Credit: Tapas

Not including this manhwa in the list is an absolute crime. Another one of my favorite and one of the best stories written which is still ongoing. If you are a true fan, you should give the novel a try which is far better than the manhwa.

In a realm where mastery of the sword is paramount, King Grey enjoys unparalleled power, riches, and renown. However, individuals in positions of power are seldom alone. The glitz and glamour of a powerful monarch belies his hollow, aimless soul.

This time around, the monarch gets to experience life anew in a fantastical realm teeming with fantastical creatures and enchanted realms. But that’s not all he has to worry about; he also has other challenges to overcome. As he questions his place in the universe and the point of his rebirth, a dark current lurks beneath the surface of the new world, ready to derail his hard-won success.

You can officially read The Beginning After the End on Tapas and Kakao Page.

4. The Novel’s Extra

Transmigration Manhwa

It’s almost similar to ORV but with a little bit of difference in the plot. Still, it is a good read and you should try this transmigration manhwa.

Kim Hajin wakes up in a strange body, yet in familiar surroundings. A universe he built and a narrative he began but never completed. He is now just a supporting character in his own book, serving no real purpose.

Keeping up with the main plot is your only chance of escaping. But there are some differences between his creation and the real world, as he quickly discovers.

You can read The Novel’s Extra on the Kakao Page and Tapas.

5. Logging 10,000 Years into the Future

Transmigration Manhwa
Credit: Kuaikan Manhua

Well, this is more a Manhua but we will still include this in our list. Also, don’t worry this ain’t cheap rip-off Manhua but it is quite good. Also, the main character’s ability to get powerful is really interesting and will keep you entertained.

Abnormal animals swarmed the planet during the dawn of the martial dao. The defeat was inevitable for humanity’s martials on multiple occasions. Though in his dreams he travels to a universe ten thousand years later, Lu Sheng undergoes a transmigration to that era.

Ten thousand years from now, there will be a fundamental approach to body refining that is thousands of times more effective than what we have now. After ten thousand years, there’s still sacred martial law, the breathing technique, and the formula for body refining pills…

Humanity perished despite 10,000 years of martial arts development! Tragically, their martial arts culture never made it past its peak since no one was around to carry it on. Except Lu Sheng, who represents the glimmer of hope!

Only on Kuaikan Mnahua, you can read Logging 10,000 Years into the Future

6. Trash of the Count’s Family

Transmigration Manhwa
Credit: Kakao Page

Trash of the Count’s Family basically has everything you need in a transmigration manhwa to enjoy. It’s been going on since 2020 and fans absolutely love Cale.

Kim Rok Soo, our protagonist, awakens in a parallel universe at the beginning of The Birth of a Hero, but he soon discovers that he is inhabiting the body of Cale Henituse, a minor antagonist. To stay out of the original novel’s violent climax, he ends up embroiled in other global conflicts and the original plot takes a nosedive.

Cale uses what he knows from reading The Birth of a Hero to his advantage in this magical world full of magic and dragons, absorbing new aspects as he goes along and discovering a sinister conspiracy that links everything together.

You can read this manhwa only on the Kakao Page and TappyToon officially.

7. I Am the Fated Villain

transmigration manhwa
I Am the Fated Villain Chapter 133/ Credit: INKR/ Webcomics/ Kuaikan Manhua

Had to include this manhua in the list of best transmigration manhwa. Absolute evil and menacing main character that you will love to read. I wish more Chinese manhua could be like this.

Gu Changge swore vengeance on the world’s protagonist and the chosen one of fate the moment he understood he had crossed over into a fantastical realm. Everywhere he goes, people treat him like a distinguished guest, and he’s admired by everyone.

The female lead is likewise completely smitten with him. The good news is that Gu Changge has more power and prestige than anybody else, therefore shouldn’t it be easy to crush the selected one?

Hold on… There’s a system dedicated to milking and harvesting the protagonist? Gu Changge smirked. “Seems like even fate wants me to fulfill my destiny as the villain of this world!”

You can read I Am the Fated Villain only on Kuaikan Manhua and Inkr comics.

8. I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey

Transmigration Manhwa
Credit: Bilibili Comics

Another great Chinese manhua which is pretty hilarious to read. Here the main character is misunderstood a lot and the comedy is on the next level. This might best comedy transmigration manhwa after The Greatest Estate Developer.

A bookshop manager named Lin Jie is an extraterrestrial. For his sad clients, he always suggests literature that will help them cure their souls. Occasionally, he would also contribute his own works.

These clients grow to greatly appreciate him as time goes by. As a daily token of appreciation and a request for reading suggestions, they deliver basic local products. They go so far as to start making up stories about this regular store owner. “Hyena of the Evil God,” “Herald of the Flesh Gospel,” “Author of Cultes des Goules,” and “Shepherd of the Stars” are some of his courteous and amicable names.

The fans can enjoy this manhwa only on Bilibili Comics.

9. Doctor’s Rebirth

Transmigration Manhwa
Credit: Kakao Page

Here we follow Jin Cheonhee, a doctor who succumbs to a civil war onslaught and finds himself transported into the Supreme Demon King, a novel he had just completed reading, to play the role of an extra.

From there, he embarks on a perilous journey to change the destiny of the doomed, becomes a follower of the White Dragon Godly Doctor, and learns about the dangers that threaten to derail the story he knows.

Fans can read the Doctor’s Rebirth officially on the Kakao Page and Tapas.

10. Release That Witch

Transmigration Manhwa
Credit: Bilibili Comics, Webnovel

After making the transition to another dimension, a male engineer assumed the role of royal. Although it appears somewhat different, this location is eerily similar to Europe during the Middle Ages.

There are actual witches who can cast spells. Forces of magic can be quite useful. Free the productive forces, save the witches! Start exploring the world, defeating monsters, and uncovering secrets as you advance in science and technology and pave the way for extreme “farming”!

You can read this manhwa on Bilibili Comics and Webnovel.

That’s it for our list for Transmigration Manhwa, please let us know in the comments which ones are your favorite.

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