What happened in One Punch Man 202?

The latest chapter of the manga is finally out on Tonari no Jump. One Punch Man 202 was so short that it was like I read it in 5 seconds. Thought the art quality by Murata was top-notch. For now, the chapter is only available in Japanese. The english translation will be out in a few hours. So what exactly happened? Let’s find it out in this article.

Blast has arrived in One Punch Man 202

First, we start with a beautiful Tatsumaki cover on the One Punch Man 202. These dialogues have been translated by app. There might be some mistakes and can’t be 100% accurate.

Flashy Flash currently seems to be fainted. From the previous chapter, we know that Empty Void has used the cube on him.

Sonic quickly appeared to try to slash the Empty Void but he was only able to give a wound on his arm. Empty Void was a little shocked to see Sonic able to break through his Genjutsu. Flashy Flash has also woken up and he also seems shocked.

Blast vs Empty Void

Sonic says with a smug that his eyes can easily see through this. Next in One Punch Man 202, we see how Sonic was able to break out through the Genjutsu. Flash also stands up and they both once again attack Empty Void.

Now comes the best part of the chapter. Empty Void was so fast that he instantly appeared right behind both of them. However, the number one hero, Blast has also arrived and standing right behind Empty Void.

He greets his partner with a punch to his face that sends him flying. That’s the end for the One Punch Man 202.

One Punch Man 202
One Punch Man 200/ Credit: Tonari no Jump/ Jump Comics

The Plot of Manga

Being a hero is a somewhat unusual pastime for the unassuming Saitama. For three years, Saitama trained diligently, causing him to lose all of his hair, so he could fulfill his childhood goal. With his newfound strength, Saitama can now vanquish any foe with a single punch. Unfortunately, Saitama has run into an unforeseen difficulty due to the lack of a suitable opponent: he has grown bored and no longer enjoys the excitement of battle.

After seeing Saitama’s power, Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, becomes interested in becoming Saitama’s pupil. The two would be certified heroes and acknowledged for their good services to society if they joined the Hero Association, Genos says. Saitama promptly consents, taken aback by the fact that nobody recognizes him. Saitama joins the Hero Association and sets off on a new adventure, where he meets new friends and faces new enemies, all to reawaken the thrill of battle he once knew.

Where the fans can read One Punch Man 202

The fans and readers can enjoy the manga, One Punch Man 202 on Tonari no Jump officially. On Viz Media, you can read the manga in official english translation.

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