When Choujin X Chapter 48 is going to release?

Recent news on Twitter has blown the fandom. Choujin X Chapter 48 release date has been released. And it is a lot sooner than anyone could have expected. We haven’t even gotten the official translation of Chapter 47 on Manga Plus and 48 is already on the way. What a great way to start a new year. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive in for the release date, recap, raw scans, and where you can read the chapter. This article has been recently updated with new news.

Choujin X Chapter 48
Choujin X manga/ Credit: Tonari no Young Jump/ Sui Ishida/ Manga Plus

Release Date and Where To Read Choujin X Chapter 48

The manga, Choujin X Chapter 48 release date is still not out yet. This was the announcement made by Tonari no Young Jump on their official website. However recently the news has going on regarding this. Chapter 47 is now available to read on Manga Plus. We will update the chapter 48 release date as soon as it is out.

Also, it is still not confirmed that we are getting CHapter 48 on January 1, 2024. It is also speculated that there is an error on the Tonari Jump website. All we can do is wait for now. It was actually a new year art by Sui Ishida for the fans.

You can read the manga officially on the Tonarinoyj Japan website for the official raw scans. The english can be read on Manga Plus.

You can follow the r/ChoujinX community on Reddit to stay updated with the news, spoilers, and raw scan information.

Recap of Chapter 47

Chapter 47 of Choujin X started with the return of two Choujin. Darkness and Bramble Choujin are finally back. Palma didn’t know them but Tokio explained about them.

Both of them were proud of Tokio and Ely. How they both have become great Choujin and have done many good deeds. They both are also ready to join and fight against the Zora.

Ely’s foreshadowing?

Next in the chapter, we see the monologue of Zora. A dark calamity will come soon in the future which will lead to destruction. And it will start in Yamato. Same time, Tokio sees Ely’s face. Is it foreshadowing of something related to calamity in the future?

Meanwhile, Bramble Choujin also reminds Tokio that if they need another training, they are happy to train them.

Zora foresight

The four of them (Nudee, Tokio, Ely, and Palma) are now headed to Higo on a train once again. Meanwhile, Ely revealed that the cardboard Choujin had a change of heart. He gave his ability to Ely.

They have arrived in Higo and now they have to travel 60 km more. But this time, they are going to fly from here. Tokio is seen to be carrying Palma, while Ely is carrying Nudee.

As they took some small breaks in between, Nudee explained his abilities to them which was pretty unique.

Meanwhile, at night, Tokio and Ely had some talk. He reveals that he believed in Zora’s foresight to some extent. Ely on the other hand, doesn’t want to trust either Zora or Mado Sama. She plans to steal Zora’s power.

The chapter ended with a funny fanservice panel. Tokio has now become a cardboard once again!

Choujin X Chapter 48
Choujin X manga/ Credit: Tonari no Young Jump/ Sui Ishida/ Manga Plus

Where the fans can read Choujin X Chapter 48

The fans and readers can enjoy the Choujin X Chapter officially in Tonari no Young Jump magazine. Also, they can read on Tonarinoyj Japan website. Manga Plus provides the english translation for the manga.

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