When Ragna Crimson Chapter 72 will be released?

After a successful ongoing anime, fans who have caught up to manga want to know about Ragna Crimson Chapter 72. For the fans who don’t know, this series has a monthly release. We will talk about the release date, recap, where you can read, and more details about the upcoming chapter in this article.

Ragna Crimson Chapter 72
Ragna Crimson manga/ Credit: Square Enix

Release Date for Ragna Crimson Chapter 72

The expected official release date for Ragna Crimson Chapter 72 is February 22, 2024, at midnight JST. It usually releases around 21-24 at the end of the month. The english translation always arrived at the end of the month.

You can also join the RagnaCrimson Reddit group for anime and manga updates. The raw scans are finally released. You can expect the english translation in 2-3 days.

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Recap of Chapter 71

The machine dragon has finally entered in battle against Ragna in Chapter 71. The most powerful and the most ancient one. The trap they all set up worked brilliantly against Ragna and his gang.

Ragna starts the fight with his dragon-hunting slash. However, it has zero effect on machine dragon. The dragon used his first armament, molecular binding armor. Now this dragon has a lot of variety attacks which made it difficult for Ragna to overpower him.

Every attack was given an armament-type series name. Ultra vibration blade, laser array, Gatling railgun, Supersonic missiles, etc. I think this guy’s firepower is not on the level with Woltekamuis. But the variety of attacks is making it difficult for Ragna.

At the same time, Gargantina is fighting against Ruoxi. However, she got frightened by the snake’s shadow. And then Rouxi’s master comes to help her in the nick of time.

The Chapter ends with Ragna using the new attack. The heavy hunting dragon slash, will this be able to overcome the machine dragon? I don’t think so.

Ragna Crimson Chapter 72
Ragna Crimson anime/ Credit: Sentai Filmworks and HIDIVE

What is Ragna Crimson all about?

Ragna Crimson is an action fantasy-based manga with a huge potential to be a great series. The ongoing anime has already garnished a massive fan base.

The story revolves around the world where the Dragon reigns supreme and terrorize the Earth. The main character, Ragna has partnered up with Crimson as their goals are similar. To exterminate every dragon in this world.

This manga is written and illustrated by Japanese mangaka, Kobayashi Daiki.

The Plot

As a dragon hunter, Ragna often teams up with Leo, the most formidable dragon hunter in the world. Despite his lack of skill in dragon hunting, he had chosen to devote his entire life to her. But his future self showed him the pain of genuine despair by showing him what would happen if he did nothing to change his current state of weakness. Will this be sufficient to alter the course of events? It appears the Reaper of Dragons has arrived earlier than the original history.

Where the fans can read Ragna Crimson Chapter 72

The fans and readers can enjoy the manga, Ragna Crimson Chapter 72 in Square Enix’s monthly magazine, Gangan Joker. The anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and Muse Communication. It can be streamed on local channels in Japan and the HIDIVE platform outside of the Asian region.

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