Where to read Passion Manhwa right now?

As BL fans always seek new stories, we present you the Passion Manhwa which is currently ongoing. But finding where to read in good quality with proper translation is hard. However, we are here to bring you every information you might need for this manhwa.

Where to read Passion Manhwa

Fans and readers can read and enjoy the Passion Manhwa on Ridibooks and TappyToon officially in high quality. As the manhwa becomes more famous, you may find the titles on the illegal platform. But we advise you to read it only from the official platforms. This manhwa is written by Yuuji and illustrated by Kangjak. It was first released back in 2020 on Ridibooks.

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The Plot

Compared to his genius older twin brother Jeong Jaeui, ex-soldier Jeong Taeui thought he was average. Thanks to his Uncle Jeong Chang-in’s( biological father) forceful request, he ends up working at the United Nations Human Resources Development Organization (UNHRDO) for half a year where he meets the crazy guy with white hair, Ilay Riegrow. As their lives become entwined, Taeui’s life starts to go down a path that he never expected.

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Passion Manhwa Review

One of the strong points of this manhwa is how the POV of Taeui (the main character) is very flexible just a like real human. More in the story as we see his relationship progress, we slowly see the change in his perspective and judgment toward others

The art is very basic but still, it works well. For some, this kind of plot and story might remind you of Mercenary Enrollment if you read that manhwa. Although it might have a love triangle it is bearable. Also, I think the romance part in this story is pretty underrated as we compare it to some other bl manhwas.

Passion Manhwa
Passion Manhwa/ Credit: Ridibooks and TappyToon

Taeui with a golden heart

You might find some psycho characters at one point, but they are still good when we learn more about them.

Beautifully portrayed as plain but appealing, our hero Taeui appears to have one great quality: excellent instincts. His divine good fortune seems to have something to do with this.

Instead of taking sides, shedding blood, or getting involved in politics, he prefers to be a mediator. But when it’s time to act, he trusts his gut and risks everything for the sake of others. The guy just has a golden heart, Taeui!

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