Alexander The Making of a God, a Netflix Docuseries

Netflix is all set to release an upcoming web series based on a documentary named ‘Alexander the making of a God’. The series is based on historical documentaries, science and nature docs. Earlier, there have been many attempts to depict the life of great Alexander in the form of movies such as ‘Alexander the Great ‘, ‘Sikandar’, ‘The Fall’ and many others. However, this series, ‘Alexander the Making of a god’ might turn out to be one of the best works on Alexander till now. Hugh Ballantyne has directed the series and actors like Buck Braithwaite is part of it. Now, let’s know more about the series’ cast, plot, and trailer.

Alexander The Making of a God Release Date

The makers of the web series released the official trailer on Netflix site and Netflix’ official Youtube channel. The trailer was released on 10th of January 2024 and within the time span of not more than 3 days, around 600 thousand plus people have watched it. This series is a much anticipated one, because it is based on one of the greatest military minds of all time ‘Alexander’. 

The makers will release Alexander the making of a god on 31st of January 2024 on Netflix official site.

The series will only be available on Netflix, since it is the official distribution partner.

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Plot of the Series

This is Netflix’ brief introduction about the series: Expert interviews and gripping reenactments combine to reveal the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great and his burning desire to conquer the world’.

There will be a total of 6 parts (episodes) in the series which will reveal the extraordinary life of the great Alexander and how radically he transformed from a warrior prince to a living god. The series will show how he rose from an exiled young man to the conqueror of the world in only under the time span of 6 years. Experts of the fields are interviewed in the series who share their deep insights about the great Alexander and how archeologists did groundbreaking revelations. The 1st season of Alexander the making of a god will be out on 31st of January and it is divided into 6 episodes which will be released all at once.

Cast of the Series

Buck Braithwaite, Mido Hamada, Agni Scott, Will Stevens, Souad Faress, Dino Kelly, Kosha Engler

Director: Hugh Ballantyne

Genres: Tv Dramas, British, Science & Nature Tv, Historical Documentaries, Science & Nature Docs, Military Documentaries, Docuseries, Docudramas

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