Best July 2024 Anime that you must watch!

With the start of the Summer anime season, we present to you the best July 2024 anime that you must watch. Many anime will still be ongoing but we will only talk about the ones which are going to release in the month of July.

1. Oshi no Ko Season 2

July 2024 Anime
Ai from Oshi no Ko/ Credit: Hidive and Crunchyroll, Shueisha

At the Anime Japan 2024 event, the Oshi no Ko season 2 was announced with a new teaser and a key visual. Also with the recent success, even the Oshi no Ko live-action is in the works. The release date is not announced yet and season 2 will be streaming on the HIDIVE platform. Doga Kobo is the studio behind this season.

Fans would probably see the 2.5D Stage Play arc (chapters 41-66) and Private arc (chapters 67-80) in the upcoming season.

“Gorou is a doctor who works in the rural city. One day his favorite idol arrives at his hospital with a forbidden secret. Their respective destinies take a turn for the better after this meeting.”

2. Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest

The anime fandom has waited so long and finally, Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest has been adapted. Releasing next month, Natsu and his friends will begin their new journey to complete the 100 Years Quest which has never been done before.

This might be the most anticipated July 2024 anime that fans want to see. J.C. Staff is the studio that is responsible for this new season. In some selected regions, it will stream on Muse Asia. The rest of the streaming platforms have not been announced yet.

“An undertaking so difficult and risky that it has remained unfinished for more than a century: the 100 Years’ Quest. Although many sorcerers have dared to tackle this formidable task, all have met with crushing failure or worse. But Natsu Dragneel and his companions—Wendy Marvell, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and the surpasses Happy and Charlés—set out on the mission with great ambition.”

3. Tower Of God Season 2

TOG fans are all hyped for the 2nd season. We can’t wait to see the character development of 25th Bam. Finally, he is going to be more mature in this season. The Tower Of God Season 2 animation is done by The Answer Studio.

The release date is yet to be announced and it will be streaming on the Crunchyroll platform. You can also check out the manhwa which is currently ongoing with 600+ chapters and can be read on Naver and Webtoons.

“It is said that reaching the peak of the Tower of God will grant one’s every request. Despite Bam’s wishes, Rachel opens the door to the Tower and begins her ascent since she can no longer endure to remain in darkness. Following in her despair, Bam discovers that climbing the Tower isn’t as simple as stepping on a set of stairs.”

4. Wistoria Wand and Sword Anime as the dark horse of July 2024 Anime

Wistoria Wand and Sword Anime might be the dark horse of the July 2024 Anime. It is based on the manga series written by Fujino Ōmori and illustrated by Toshi Aoi.

The anime will be produced by Bandai Namco and Actas and will be streamed on Muse Asia and Crunchyroll. I am very excited about this after I watched the trailer. The story, animation, and action look pretty impressive.

“Will Serfort aspires to become a Magia Vander, one of the powerful magicians residing atop the Wizard’s Tower, to fulfill his vow to a childhood companion. His inability to cast even the most basic spells forces him to earn credits at Regarden Magical Academy by fighting dungeon creatures. On top of everything else, he has to battle a cruel professor while practicing his swordsmanship!”

Source: Kodansha

5. The Elusive Samurai

July 2024 Anime
The Elusive Samurai Key Visual/ Credit: Shueisha, Yusei Matsui, Anime Production Committee

Yusei Matsui’s historical manga, “The Elusive Samurai” anime will be released next month. Produced by Aniplex, Shueisha, and Cloverworks is much anticipated among its fans. The streaming platforms are not announced yet but we can expect it to stream on Crunchyroll.

“The future shogun of Kamakura, Tokiyuki Houjou, is an untalented little kid who plays hide-and-seek at the age of eight. The day Takauji Ashikaga ruthlessly overthrows the Kamakuras and ends their rule turns his once carefree life upside down.

Tokiyuki gets away unscathed as a self-styled prophetic priest saves his life. Now he has to find allies who can help him bring the Kamakura Shogunate back to its illustrious past while dodging assassins.”

6. Plus-Sized Elf

July 2024 Anime
Plus Size Anime still/ Credit: シネクドキ(秋田書店)/エルフさん製作委員会

Who doesn’t love Elf? But here we have an elf who loves junk food and can’t lose weight. This comedy and ecchi series is among the anticipated July 2024 Anime that you must watch. Elias Studio is animating this series and it will stream on the Crunchyroll platform.

“Just as massage therapist Naoe-kun is ready to call it a day, he is stuck taking care of an unusual client. Everything about this beautiful woman screams “elf,” from her green eyes and pointed ears to her upbringing in the forest.

The only thing missing is her bodacious figure. It seems she has left her previous world, but her love of junk food has followed her to this one, and she is now completely obsessed. Is there any way that Naoe-kun can assist this endearing elf girl in losing weight and staying off?”

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment.

7. Suicide Squad Isekai

Last but not least in July 2024 Anime is Suicide Squad Isekai produced by Warner Bros. and animated by Wit Studio. The release date and streaming platforms have yet to be announced.

“When Harley and the others reach ISEKAI, they go on a rampage. However, the warriors of the Kingdom catch them and put them in prison. The timer on their neck is ticking down to the final 72 hours before it goes off. The due date is drawing near. Achieving freedom was contingent upon defeating the imperialist army that was hostile, as agreed in talks with Queen Aldora. The only thing for them to do is dive headfirst into the thick of it.”

Let us know in the comments which anime are you anticipating the most for the next month.

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