Best ongoing donghua in 2024

Anime fans love to see some Chinese anime, which is also known as Donghua. We present you our favorite list of some of the best ongoing Donghua in 2024. This is based on CGI, animation, plot, story, and how much it can impress you. First let’s have a look at what donghua is, for those who don’t know before heading for the Best ongoing donghua in 2024 list.

What is Donghua?

The Chinese anime created and produced in China, either based on Manhua or novel are called Donghua. Not only that, but the quality of Chinese anime has also skyrocketed, leading to a huge surge of spectators.

Some of the best action scenes and animation can be found in donghua and Chinese anime. Also, the CGI-based donghua is just icing on the cake. From Soul Land to The King’s Avatar are some of the best examples of donghua. Here is our personal best ongoing doghua in 2024.

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ongoing donghua in 2024
Credit: Tencent Pictures/ Bilbili TV

1. A Record of A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Now those who know about donghua, they might have heard about this one. A Record of A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality is probably one of the best ongoing donghua in 2024 out there.

From a soothing story to a thrilling plot to one of the best CGI and animation, this anime has everything. Probably the best ongoing donghua in 2024 and of all time. This is a novel-based anime. It aslo had the manhua but it was discontinued after the anime started.

A young man from a humble town in Jiang Hu unexpectedly becomes an Unofficial Disciple after joining a small cult. Han Li was born into commoner status; how can he get a foothold in his sect?

How can he become an eternal through development when his aptitude is so low? The protagonist, a mere mortal, faces formidable challenges as he seeks to discover his way to immortality, ultimately clashing with both ancient celestials and diabolical demons.

You can officially stream it on Bilibili TV. The english subs are also available on YouTube easily.

2. Battle Through The Heavens

Battle Through The Heaven Season 5 Episode 84
Battle Through The Heaven/ Credit: Tencent Pictures/ Bilibili TV/ QQ

Next in ongoing donghua in 2024 list is another novel and manhua-based donghua, Battle Through The Heavens. The struggle and character development of the main character will hook you instantly.

Furthermore, the quality of animation and CGI improves season by season. The story and plot are also pretty interesting, but it might give some cringe feelings sometimes.

In a magical country devoid of magic, where the powerful rule and the powerless are subservient, there are beautiful and tempting treasures aplenty, but lurking dangers everywhere.

Three years ago, Xiao Yan abruptly lost all of his powers, reputation, and the promise he had made to his mother. This happened even though he had demonstrated talents no one had seen in decades. Has he lost all of his abilities due to some sort of sorcery? His fiancée has unexpectedly shown up; why?

The fans can stream the anime on QQ, Bilibili TV, and Tencent. Also, you can find the English subtitles on YouTube.

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3. Shrouding The Heavens is the best ongoing donghua in 2024

ongoing donghua in 2024
Credit: Tencent Pictures/ Bilibili TV

Now we wanted to put this donghua in the number 1 position. Not only does it have one of the best CGI animations we have seen, but the interesting plot and story blew my mind. This anime also has a novel based on the same name.

The only reason we will place Shrouding The Heavens on number 3, is because it has fewer episodes from the first two. Currently, the first season is going on with 43 episodes. The start of this anime was probably one of the best we have seen in any fantasy genre from ongoing donghua in 2024.

Beginning with the nine dragons and coffin, the story delves into a fascinating, ancient setting. Ye Fan’s heavenly mastery unfurled before us as we ascended to dizzying heights enchanted by mesmerizing harmonies.

You can stream the anime on Tencent TV, Bilibili TV, and on YouTube.

4. Renegade Immortal

ongoing donghua in 2024
Credit: Tencent Pictures/ Bilibili TV

Now in the best ongoing donghua in 2024 list, we finally present a cold blooded main character. Renegade Immortal is also based on novel. Here you will find the most popular type main character.

However, the plot, story, and his journey from a nobody to be the Immortal are really worth looking at. The only problem we find with this donghua is that sometimes it feels kind of rushed.

With supportive parents, Wang Lin is a brilliant young man. He and his parents are the only members of their family who accept him, but they have never given up hope that he will be famous.

In a flash of lightning, Wang Lin had the opportunity to become an immortal, but he quickly realized that his abilities were lacking. See Wang Lin overcome his talent gap and become immortal as he takes the journey towards immortality!

The fans can enjoy the anime on Tencent, Bilibili TV, and on YouTube, ongoing donghua in 2024.

5. Swallowed Star

ongoing donghua in 2024
Credit: Tencent Pictures/ Bilibili TV

Swallowed Star brings you the best Sci-Fi action-based thriller story. The animation and CGI are just top notch. The main character’s journey from weakest to strongest is also very satisfying to see.

This donghua is also based on the novel and deserves a spot in the best ongoing donghua in 2024.

When the RR virus, which no one had ever seen before, suddenly appeared on Earth, everything fell into disarray. Animals that contracted the disease became monstrous, vicious beasts. Humans built base towns and walls as a last line of defense to prevent their demise. People started calling this time of upheaval the “Period of Nirvana.”

The Warriors were a new breed of exceptional fighters that emerged as a result of humankind’s adaptability in the face of harsh environmental challenges. When he was eighteen years old and studying for his college entrance examinations, Luo Feng wanted nothing more than to be one of their numbers. But all changed when monsters attacked her city and she contracted the warrior force.

If a global catastrophe were to occur, would their combined efforts be sufficient to save humanity? With a burning desire to create an impact and establish a lasting legacy, Luo Feng set out on her thrilling martial arts journey and was about to discover the answer.

This completes our best ongoing donghua in 2024 list. Hope you like it and you might have found something interesting to watch next.

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