Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown releases on March 8

Finally, the wait is over as Netflix has announced, Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown which is going to release on March 8, 2024. We have been seeing Millie Bobby Brown for many years. She has done a commendable job in Stranger Things. Now we are going to see her in a different kind of role for which the fans are excited.

Release Date for Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown and more

The upcoming movie by Netflix, Damsel release date is March 8, 2024. Millie Bobby Brown is going to play the main lead in the film. A large ensemble of skilled actors stars in Damsel. Nick Robinson plays Millie’s (Elodie’s) betrothed, Prince Henry. Cast members include Ricky Guillart as Sir Oded, Brooke Carter as the younger sister of Prince Henry, and Ray Winstone as the king. Robin Wright’s Queen Isabelle and Angela Bassett’s Lady Bayford are the showstoppers. Along with Shoreh Aghdashloo, Sam Sharma, Sonya Nisa, Elmano Sancho, Erickson Santos Gomes, and Saif Mohsen, the crown also features other famous faces.

What is Damsel is about?

Brown, in the eyes of the damsel, is a good girl who willingly agrees to marry a dashing prince—until she finds out it was all a trap: To settle an old debt, the royal family had her sacrificed. Next, she finds herself trapped in a cave alongside a dragon that breathes fire, forcing her to depend entirely on her determination and brainpower to stay alive.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) helms Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown, while Dan Mazeau (Fast X) writes and executive produces. Among the other executive producers are Millie Bobby Brown, Robert Brown, Alpha’s Sue Baden-Powell, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Mark Bomback, and Hell’s Kitchen’s Robert Brown.

The film’s cinematography is by Larry Fong (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), and Jane Antonia Cornish (Maleficent) composed the score. Producers PMCA and Roth/Kirschenbaum Films are responsible for making the film, and Netflix is in charge of film distribution.

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Trailer review

The first video of Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown shows Princess Elodie’s terrified reaction as she faces the dragon that breathes fire. In addition, there’s an image of Elodie, who appears distressed, floating alone on a boat; this could be on her way to her future as a member of the royal family.

Was Elodie compelled to abandon her family and friends to marry Prince Henry? In addition, we get our first glimpses of the supporting cast, which includes Robin Wright as Queen Isabelle and Angela Bassett as Lady Bayford. At long last, Princess Elodie appears sword in hand, ready for the epic fight of her life. I am pretty excited for Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown

Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown

Hardly some people don’t know about Millie Bobby Brown. A millionaire at the age of 19 is already a pretty big deal. Also one of the famous Hollywood actresses and a Netflix star. She is best known for her work, Eleven, in Stranger Things.

On top of that she is a professional model. Her debut was back in 2017, Calvin Klein’s By Appointment campaign. After that, she signed for IMG Models. Not only that, she has graced the covers of Citigroup ads, Converse sneaker lines, Vogue Eyewear frames, and Louis Vuitton since April 2022.

Some of her works

Despite her rather hectic schedule in the Upside Down, Millie made her big screen debut in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she earned $6.1 million for her role in 2019’s Enola Holmes, with an additional $800,000 due to the film’s successful box office take.

Millie, meantime, has a slew of upcoming projects that will keep her busy far into 2023. These include Damsel, an action thriller starring Chris Pratt and directed by the Russo brothers, and The Electric State, in which she plays a princess.

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