Andrew Tate Tweets About The Beauty of A Life of A Man!

Twitter goes wild as Andrew Tate tweets about the beauty of a man’s life. Lately, Andrew has been actively using twitter to convey his messages to the world. This time he tweeted about the life of a man. How men struggle in their lives and stay happy. Also, Andrew was in the news when he tweeted ‘Haram’ about the pop singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. After getting back on twitter, Andrew becomes the headlines every now and then. This time, there’s nothing controversial in his tweet, it’s just about the life of a man, how they evolve going through pain.

Andrew Tate Tweets !

On 17th of February, Andrew Tate tweeted and within a few hours the engagement on the tweet reached in the millions. More than 3.5 million people engaged with the tweet. This is what Andrew tweeted.

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Andrew also tweeted about the podcast in which he and his brother Tristan Tate were live. It was an hour and a half long video in which both the brothers were called as guests. The podcast was live from Romania, where Andrew lives. The name of the podcast is Fresh & Fit and the channel has over a million subscribers on Youtube.

Andrew Tate tweets regularly, sometimes about hardships, sometimes about poverty, struggle, pain and more. He has around 8.8 million followers on twitter and the number is increasing daily. 

On 17th of February, Andrew also tweeted and shared his ripped and shredded photo in which he is doing his signature pose while standing. GM, which usually means good morning, was the caption of the image and also an animated girl can be seen in the image. When Andrew Tate tweets and one looks closely and reads the tweets of Andrew with an open mind, then one can take lots of useful tips out of them.     

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