Dr. Slump Anime: Explore the Quirky World by Akira Toriyama

The anime fandom is still saddened by the recent death of Akira Toriyama. Many of them still think and wish that it was just a dream. He has given us Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump Anime and manga to make our childhood awesome. In this article, we will talk about his first main recognized manga and anime.

Dr. Slump Anime
Akira Toriyama

What is Dr. Slump Anime is all about?

Dr. Slump Anime and manga was the first series from which Akira Toriyama was recognized and famous. He won the Shogakukan manga award in 1982 which boosted his career. This series is based on more gag stories and characters.

The Plot

Senbei Norimaki, a resident of Penguin Village, manages to conceal the fact that his daughter, Arale, was born an android from the Coffee Pot waitress Aoi Kimidori. Norimaki later calls his creation Arale.

The third following day, Arale starts classes at Penguin Village Middle School, where she meets the girl who will become Senbei’s ideal student, Midori Yamabuki. Peasuke Soramame, Aoi’s defiant younger sister Akane Kimidori, Taro, Aoi’s older brother, and Arale become friends after Arale’s intelligence and strength stun the entire school.

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World Setting

The Dr. Slump Anime and manga are set in the Penguin Village. This is the special place where humans co-exist with other animals and objects.

The world and anime are filled with more gags, jokes, and parodies from both Japanese and Western cultures.

Where You Can Watch Dr. Slump Anime?

If you haven’t watched Dr. Slump Anime till now, then maybe this is a good time to binge it. Currently, the anime isn’t available on Crunchyroll. But we can expect it to be available soon.

There are many other mediums where you can stream the anime. You can also purchase the Dr. Slump manga volumes from the Crunchyroll store.

For some U.S. regions, you may be able to find the Dr. Slump anime on Amazon Prime and Tubi streaming platforms.

The anime series consists of 243 episodes and Toei Animation Studio was the one who made it. The official network, Fuji TV was the one where it was serialized first.

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