Is there any Ninja Kamui manga?

After the huge success of anime, many fans are wondering whether there is Ninja Kamui manga to read or not. Higan adventures, revenge, bada** actions have made everyone a fan of him already. Let’s find out more information in this article.

Ninja Kamui manga
Ninja Kamui anime/ Credit: Adult Swim/ HBO Max

Ninja Kamui Manga?

I will get straight to the point, there is no Ninja Kamui manga to read. Adult Swim has done a great job of adapting the original story by Shigeru Murakoshi.

Although you can’t find Joe Higan’s adventure to read, I found something similar while doing the research. There is manga quite similar to it.

Sanpei Shirato’s, The Legend of Kamui (1999) is about a former ninja named Kamui who, while living in a picturesque fishing town, develops feelings for a civilian woman.

However, things go south for them when Kamui’s ghosts return. However, feudal Japan is the setting of the manga, not the anime. You won’t have to worry about dealing with any nefarious tech billionaires or corporations.

If you really like more series like this, I would suggest to watch John Wick movies. Although there is no Ninja Kamui manga, the John Wick series will quench your thirst for it.

The Plot of Ninja Kamui

Joe Higan, the protagonist, seeks revenge for the deaths of those closest to him. The clan that Joe fled to the United States in search of safety massacred his family members. Sadly, all was in vain because he was apprehended and penalized. It is now his duty as Ninja Kamui to exact vengeance, and he will show no mercy to those who stand in his way.

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Ninja Kamui manga
Fan art for Ninja Kamui anime/ Credit: @ThatDudeSaur on Twitter

Studio and Production

After seeing the flawless animation, and fight scenes, many fans are wondering who is behind the Ninja Kamui anime.

This is an original anime which is produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment studios. They both are well known for various works such as Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation, Tower of God, and Lazarus.

Where You Can Watch Ninja Kamui Anime?

Although there are many mediums to stream the anime, officially you can watch it on Adult Swim and HBO Max platforms.

Currently, there are 5 episodes out, and it releases every Sunday. The series is set for a total of 12 episodes.

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