Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 Review (leaked): Princess Iris

Another episode has been leaked online before the first has been streamed officially on the platform. We will be covering Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 Review and recap in the article. Episode 1 will be released on April 10, 2024, officially.

Recap and Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 titled “A Smile for this Dour Girl!” The episode starts with Kazuya reading the letter from the princess. From the content of the letter Kazyua judged that she might be younger than him.

That’s when Darkness appeared dressed in a maid outfit. Oh my lord, she was too hot in the outfit. The ecchi and fan service were on point with this scene.

Before with their meeting with the princess, they needed to take care of something. Along the way, they met with Megumin and headed for the Wiz shop.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 review
Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 Review/ Credit: @peach_3d_ai on twitter

Tools from Earth?

Aqua was also present there. That’s when Wiz revealed the products which were designed by Kazuya. They were the tools from Earth. It was lighter which was designed just like how Kayuza would want (lol)

It was a pretty convenient tool for their world which was bound to sell well. Aqua wanted to try but Kazuya said she needed to pay for it. Everyone helped him in some ways to make the tools while Aqua didn’t do anything.

And we finally saw Aqua throwing a tantrum for the first time in the season. She also revealed many secrets of Kazuya while doing so. Also, his products started to begin selling in the Wiz store.

Time to dress

Next in Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 Review, the party finally arrived to meet the princess. Kazuya was dressed in a noble green suit and was looking quite good in it. They all wanted to impress the princess with their method. Well, Megumin and Aqua’s suggestions were quite hilarious.

The dresses that Aqua and Darkness were wearing quite emphasized their curves and body. The same couldn’t be said for Megumin. Aqua was dressed in white-blue Megumin in red and black, and Darkness in white-yellow. The girls were looking quite gorgeous.

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Messed up

Next Darkness brought them to the hall to have dinner with Princess Iris. She appeared to be more like a slim kid with Yellow hair. Kazuya felt like for the first time, something in this World wasn’t disappointing.

First was Aqua who nobly introduced herself. After that, she started to show some party tricks but was stopped by Darkness in time. Next was Megumin, who introduced herself just like a destroyer mage would but Darkenss stopped her too. It was all the mess while Kazuya was feeling awkward alone.

Tales of Kazuya

Darkness was yelling at them how could they mess up this thing? But Kazuya was the one who was more disappointed with the princess herself. That’s when Aqua presented a sand portrait of Princess which was drawn by her magic.

It was very pretty and the princess liked it too. The funny thing is Princess doesn’t speak loudly. She whispered to one of her guards who then relayed the message. Next in episode 2, the dinner started.

Princess Iris wanted to hear more about the tales of the hero, “Kazyua” Well he did a good job at how he narrated the story. Princess was enjoying all the tales of their party. Also, the misunderstanding in the story was quite funny to watch.

Weakest Class

The princess and the guard wanted to see the adventure card of Kazuya. Megumin said that the adventurers should try to hide their strengths and skills.

But the guard said that they would keep it a secret. Darkness reveals that Kazuya has the weakest class that’s why he is embarrassed to show it. Princess and Guard started to have doubts about the previous tales. How could Kazuya with the weakest class could beat Sir Mitsurgi who was the swordmaster?

They claimed Kazuya to be a liar. Megumin was getting mad. Darkness thought she might go berserk but Megumin handled herself quite well. She doesn’t want to create more problems for her.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 review
Konosuba Season 3 official art/ Credit: Konosuba official website

Happy Ending!

Darkness started to convince Iris to not call Kazuya a liar and apologize to him. That’s when the princess spoke for the first time. But it wasn’t all the good talk.

Darkness slapped her which was quite shocking. But then she started to explain the situation in quite a soothing and peaceful manner.

But Kazuya wanted to show them how he defeated the swordmaster. He used his skill steal to try and steal the sword from the guard. But he stole something else. And the fans know what it was.

Well, the episode needed on a very good note for everyone at the Kazuya party. Princess Iris personally apologized to him. She would like to hear more adventure stories from him again.

Where the fans can watch Konosuba Season 3

The fans can watch and enjoy Konosuba Season 3 officially on the Crunchyroll platform worldwide. On the other free anime streaming platform, the Konosuba Season 3 Episode 2 is already out for now. But we request the fans to watch the premiere on April 10 on the official platform.

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