Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review: To be a Monk (leaked)

We are so back with the new anime season. Luckily, the first anime episode has been recently leaked online. We will be covering Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review and what happened in the first episode. Episode 1 is scheduled to release on April 10, 2024.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review
Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review

Summary and Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review

The fandom is blessed as peak Isekai comedy anime is finally back with its season 3. Although the official episode still has time to get released. But online, it has been already leaked.

Our Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review starts with a good flashback which is shown at the starting episode. It will refresh your memories. Even Kazyua’s memories have been refreshed and he has become depressed with the things that have happened to him.

He has decided that he is going to change his faith. Kazuya is going to stop being an adventurer and will become a monk. His party members might not feel good about this but still they left to find a temple for Kazuya.

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Megumin Emotions

On their journey to the temple, we see many funny scenes including Aqua and Darkness. But seeing that Megumin started to feel a little emotional.

She tells Kazuya that someday she will let him see the explosion of 200 points. At night when they were camping, we saw more moments between Kazyua and Megumin.

Even Kazuya thought that Migumin might want him so he decided that he will stop and go back with them. However, she fell asleep before he could tell her.

Monster broke the faith

The next day, they started their travel once again. On the way, they met a cute little girl who was injured. But according to Kazuya, she was a plant-based monster who acted cute and made others guard down.

Kazuya wanted to kill her in the Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review but Megumin, Darkness, and Aqua were against it. When the little girl spoke, even Kayuza’s heart melted.

So they left her and went ahead on the journey. That’s when Kazyua thought to remind the girl of something and went back.

He thought this might be the faith and path to becoming a monk. To warn little girl monsters about the others and don’t kill them. But when he arrives he sees the girl’s attitude has changed completely and now he wants to kill her.

Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review
Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review

Invitation from Princess?

Now Kazuya’s faith has been broken and he doesn’t want to do that sh*T anymore. He has also found a hammer which on shaking gives gold coin.

The party returns to town when they meet Chris. Kazuya invites her to join but she leaves and says that she will join another time. However, she stole that hammer when she parted ways. Because of that, they weren’t able to enjoy the party which they had planned.

Next in the Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 review, we see them they are back in their castle when the Darkness family butler arrives with a letter. Apparently, there has been a crisis going on in her family.

The first princess has asked Kazyua and his party members who have stained Devil King amies generals on a dinner about their tells. Now how they can reject an invitation like that? Probably in the 2nd episode, we might see them traveling to meet the royal family.

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So far the animation was crisp and good. The Explosion from Megumin was animated beautifully. The funny scenes and comedy between the party members were on point which I missed a lot.

Can’t wait to see more Aqua and Darkness. Plus maybe some romance can start from this season? We already have many hints for Kazyua and Megumin.

Release and Where To Watch Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1

Get ready for Konosuba Season 3 Episode 1 which is set to release on April 10, 2024. You will be able to watch the anime on the Crunchyroll platform worldwide. While the Japanese fans can watch on their local channels.

This article has been updated recently and 6 episodes are already out right now.

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