Lily of the Valley Chapter 1: A New Story by Rangrarri

The Bad Thinking Diary fandom as well as Yuri fans are hyped for Lily of the Valley Chapter 1 which is done by Rangrarri herself. A new yuri manhwa which is said to be a short story for now. The fans can read the manhwa on Ridibooks officially.

Lily of the Valley Chapter 1
Credit: Ridibooks

Review of Lily of the Valley Chapter 1

Before we start, do keep in mind that the translation is done by tool and is not 100% correct. You can wait for the official or fan translation later.

Now as we started with Lily of the Valley Chapter 1 review, first I have to say the art is so gorgeous. Rangrarri always nails it when it comes to art. Chapter 1 starts with Lily (white hair lady) sleeping comfortably on her bed.

We see the maids gossiping about her and kicking off the plot of the story. They are gossiping about how Lily has been sold to Duke. This is related to his father’s debt(translation tool) Also, the duke is not a good guy.

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Then enters the second female lead whose design resembles Kang Yuna (from Bad Thinking Diary). Her name is Anna and she wakes Lilly up to take her for a bath. That’s when Lily talks about the situation and how no one wants her. But next we can see that Anna and Lily are pretty close to each other. I think only Anna cares for her in the family and is worried for Lily.

At the end of the chapter, we see how everyone is crying when Lily is leaving. Lily seems a little angry with her mother. Maybe she has a hand in this situation. Also, Anna is her personal maid who will be joining her. We see when they reach their destination, “Rose” (red-haired lady) is there to welcome her. This is how we are going to see the love triangle in the story. I hope we get at least 20-30 chapters if this is a short story.

The Plot

Because of her father’s debt, “Lily” lives in the mansion of her creditor “Rose.”
Lily meets the intriguing “Rose” at the house where she and her beloved maid, “Anna,” reside.

Where the fans can read Lily of the Valley Chapter 1 to 5

The fans and readers can read and enjoy the manhwa Lily of the Valley Chapter 1 only on Ridibooks officially. There is one prologue chapter, plus 4 chapters that have been released on Ridibooks.

Right now there is no confirmation that we will get more chapters, but we will keep you updated. If Chapter 6 is there in the works, we can expect it on May 11, 2024. Let’s hope that we can get more chapters.

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