Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5 release date and recap

With the recent release of the new gl series by Rangrarri, fans want to know more about Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5. It really ended on a heartbreaking cliffhanger. Let’s check out more details in this article.

Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5
Lily of the Valley manhwa/ Credit: Ridibooks, @rangrarii on Twitter

Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5 release date?

Well according to Rangrarri (The artist and author), this series will be a short story. But she hasn’t described how short is it. If there is Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5, it will be released on May 11, 2024.

With Chapter 4 ending on a cliffhanger, we expect there might be more to the story. Any new update or information will be updated here.

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Recap and Review till Chapter 4

First, let’s refresh some important parts. Lily has been sold to Duke because of his father’s (Baron Owen)debt to him. It was also the stepmom’s decision. In the whole family, only Anna loves her.

She meets Rose who is the duchess and takes her to her mansion. Rose also tells her that she has arranged the banquet, especially for her. Lily was then introduced to everyone at the banquet. She was looking lovely in the dress.

After spending some time, Lily went to find Anna but met with Rose on the balcony. That’s where the manipulative game began. First, she clears the information on herself about the rumors.

Rose manipulation?

A long time ago, Rose lost all of her family in an accident. As a sole child, she inherited everything. She was lonely as she remained the only one in the mansion.

Even though there were people at night at the banquet or gathering, it was filled with all the strangers who were after her position and property. In a sense, Lily is the same too. She is also abandoned by everyone in Lily of the Valley manhwa.

They are about to kiss when Anna finds them. After that, they left as Lily was tired. But before going, Rose whispered to her that she could visit her room if she couldn’t sleep.

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Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5
Lily of the Valley manhwa Chapter 5/ Credit: Rangrarri, Ridibooks

Goddess Rose

At night both Anna and Rose were sleeping together in bed. Lily started to describe that Rose was a good person despite all the rumors. However, Anna told her not to judge her so quickly.

Then late at night, while Anna was asleep, Lily decided to go and check on Rose in her room. What she saw utterly shocked her. It was a girl harem and Rose was in the middle of it. I have to agree that Rose was looking so gorgeous in this panel. Plus the artwork by Rangrarri is insane.

Lily ran back to her room and the next morning she was pretty awkward in front of Rose. She kept thinking about whether she saw her or not.

Heartbroken Anna?

Well, Rose already knew and was teasing Lily. But this time Rose was pretty straightforward as she told Lily that she wanted to make love with her. Then they both have a little discussion about love.

To Lily, love is all about caring for each other. From here Rose was able to go a little aggressive and tried to kiss her again. But Anna once again broke that hot tension between them.

Rose knew she needed to do something about Anna. The next thing she did was that she fooled both the girls. There was already a little tension between them after Anna saw them getting cozy.

Rose gave a letter to Anna and told her to deliver it immediately. This was the order from her. While Anna left, Rose told Lily that Anna left the mansion and she wouldn’t be returning. That’s how she took advantage of poor Lily.

Anna realized that something was wrong but it was already too late. She heard their voices when she came back. Of course, they were embracing and making love with each other. That’s where the Chapter 4 ended with heartbroken Anna.

Where the fans can read Lily of the Valley manhwa

Fans and Yuri lovers can read and enjoy the Lily of the Valley manhwa only on Ridibooks officially. if stories continue for more chapters, then Lily of the Valley manhwa chapter 5 will also be available to read on the same platform.

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