Mysterious Disappearances anime review: 2 Huge reasons to watch!

The newly started anime based on manga, Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi has just started. This ecchi and mysterious supernatural romance-based anime looks pretty interesting. We are here with a Mysterious Disappearances anime review and recap of the episode. Is it worth watching? Let’s find out.

Release Date and Where To Watch Mysterious Disappearances anime

The first episode of Mysterious Disappearances anime is out now. The anime will have every new episode on Wednesday. The fans can watch exclusively on the Crunchyroll platform. You can also read the manga on Shogakukan and Seven Seas Entertainment officially.

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Mysterious Disappearances anime review
Mysterious Disappearances anime review/ Credit: Zero G and Crunchyroll

Recap and Mysterious Disappearances anime review

Mysterious Disappearances episode 1 opens with the Midori Bookstore. We are introduced to the two main leads for the anime. Sumeriko and Adashino who works there are both good friends. Adashino looks like a child, whereas Sumeriko is a packed lady whose age is around 27 for now.

Their chemistry was pretty good and there might be hint a involve with these two in the future for some romance. Also, it appears that Sumeriko is pretty much into occult and supernatural things.

Well, there were some backstories shown us to in the first episode where it shows that Sumeriko likes to write novels. This might be also the reason why she is working here. Her novels were used to sell when she was a kid, but now she is just a normal lady.

A Cursed Book

The bookstore owner brought a book which was handed to Sumeriko. After she reached home, we were shown some fanservice scenes. Well, it was not the treat that fans wanted. If you want more you can check out the manga which does ecchi full justice.

At midnight, the clock ticks, and Sumeriko is now 28. We see her alone glued to her phone and getting birthday messages. But all she wanted was to be someone who could write novels. That’s when her eyes fall on the book that was give to her. She read some sentences under the moonlight.

After that, it was shown that when she was shopping at midnight, she suddenly become smaller. This took me by surprise.


The book owner was worried about her next day when she was absent. Adashino went to search for her. And by some means, he was able to guess what happened with her. It’s pretty guessable that somehow our main character knows about the supernatural things in this world.

He found the small Sumeriko who had become a child. Due to that, she has also forgotten about some memories. Adashino was able to help her to bring her back to adulthood. We learn more about the book curse and magic.

First Sumeriko wanted the book for herself for personal gain. However, Adashino was able to convince her. At the end of the episode, he returns back the book to a mysterious place. It is now sure that he might be connected to the curses and magic.

The Plot

Objects aren’t the only thing that might be a mystery. Rejuvenate yourself with the Moon’s Elixir! You must never, ever, ever sing the Songs of Another World. Witnesses of the abducted people are detailed in the Curious Report of the Enchanted Land. All of these riddles, and more, have recently made a comeback in Tokyo as urban legends.

The goal of demon youngster Adashino Ren and burned-out writer Ogawa Sumireko is to gather as many as possible. However, Sumireko possesses an extraordinary ability to not only locate the secrets, but also to activate their mystical powers! Is her encounter with the supernatural going to be fatal? Is Ren, the monster, planning something else for her?!

Is it worth watching?

Now the main question is whether Mysterious Disappearances anime is worth watching or not. After watching the first episode, personally I liked the plot.

It is something refreshing to see after comparing with romance, Isekai, and shonen battle animes. I would insist that you should give it a try for now. The supernatural and mystery-based theme will hook you up. Plus there are also two huge reasons to watch Sumeriko.

Although it is a censored anime, but there will be a lot of fanservice to watch for sure. The cultured fans will be already seated every Wednesday to watch the show.

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