Ninja Kamui episode 3 release date: Shinobi World

The dark horse of this season, Ninja Kamui episode 3 will be released on February 24, 2024, at 5 am ET. The fans can officially stream on Adult Swim and HBO Max. In the previous episode, we got to know more about the Ninja and their ways. Let’s check out more information in this article.

Ninja Kamui episode 3
Fan art for Ninja Kamui anime/ Credit: @ThatDudeSaur on Twitter

Release Date for Ninja Kamui episode 3

The anime, Ninja Kamui episode 3 is all set to release on February 24, 2024, at 5 am ET. The Japanese Dub will stream at 8 am ET. On Adult Swim and HBO Max, the fans can stream the anime officially.

Recap and Review of episode 2

Ninja Kamui episode 2 was absolutely brutal and epic. Yes, that’s right, the start of the episode showed us Higan past and trauma. His parents also died when he was very young (probably murdered) Also, we got to see him remembering his wife and his child’s death again.

In response to that, Higan started to stab the ninja killer daily. The ninja killer thought that Higan wanted the information from him. But it seems that was not the truth. And last, he burned him alive. Brutal right? Even his speech and dialogue were

well-written. Logan started to look around for the clues and the rest of the ninjas. However, he wasn’t lucky to find them. He still had Morris’s card from the day before. He knew that in the end, he had to take some help from the FBI officer.

Ninja Kamui episode 3
Ninja Kamui anime/ Credit: Adult Swim/ HBO Max


On the Morris side, he was pissed because he was taken out of the case. The higher-ups have given orders to not snoop around anymore. The same goes for Emma too. However, he suddenly gets a call from Higan who wants to meet him.

They schedule their meeting in a local restaurant. Also, we got to know that there is a very big company that makes some very advanced technology. They have also made some VR equipment which is pretty advanced. This company is called Auza.

But suddenly they both are attacked by yet another assassin. We got to see a beautiful action-animated sequence of over 90 seconds. Straight action, hand-to-hand, weapon-to-weapon fight.

After defeating the killer, a whole group of mobs came and destroyed the restaurant. Higan was able to escape leaving Morris alone in the destroyed restaurant. He inspected one of the blades of the killer which was so tough and advanced that he doubted that it could be an alien technology.

Then an Auza ad ran once on the screen, I would guess that this company is involved with the Ninjas. There is a chance that we might expect more about shinobis in Ninja Kamui episode 3. It has already been revealed that they are very strict with their art.

Is it worth watching?

There is no doubt that Ninja Kamui anime is worth watching right now. The anime is scheduled for 12 episodes. Right 2 episodes are out and the fans have been already tweeting about this on the internet. If you are a fan of a brutal action revenge-based story, this is your new sauce to go. Many fans are now patiently waiting for Ninja Kamui episode 3 and what sought of more plot and action they will witness.

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