Orry Copied Emma Roberts, Karan Laughed Hard on the Couch

Does Orry copied Emma Roberts’ idea of naming his minions? Orry was recently seen on one of the most hyped and one of the most controversial celebrity shows of India, ‘Koffee With Karan’. The shows’ host, Karan Johar is infamous for pulling out the secrets from the celebrities mouth, as they unfold and disclose their life and industry secrets.

Orry was seen in the final episode of the 8th season of Karan Johar’s show Koffee With Karan. While talking to Orry, Karan asked multiple questions about Orry’s personal life and how is he handling all the fame he is getting nowadays. 

Conversation Between Orry and Karan Johar

This is how Orry copied Emma Roberts. Orry said, yes I know how delicate the fame can be. I went up so quickly and everything that goes up comes down as well. He added, just like any movie, he will rise from the ashes in a very dramatic and strategic way. 

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Orry talked about his relevance room, in which there is his team of minions who work for him. Karan asked Orry, it might be that what he is experiencing today can be a 15 minutes fame and then all gone. Orry replied that he is working on it and he is well aware of this fact. 

He further added, “So right now, in the relevance room, we are planning my downfall”. Karan seemed to be confused and asked what is the relevance room? Orry said, “In the Orry office, my office, there is a room called the relevance room. All my minions, who have to dress up like me and think like me and talk like me…”. Karan couldn’t control himself, as he laughed hard and asked, “Sorry, Did you just say minions?

Orry Copied Emma Roberts

Orry copied Emma Roberts when, he with a straight look on his face said, “Orry number 2, Orry number 3, Orry number 4. They’re all the Orrys. To be a minion, you have to be an Orry. You have to think like me, dress like me, work like me, struggle like me and hustle like me. In my relevance room, all my minions come up with ideas. We have mood boards, and they pitch ideas on how to keep me relevant, and that’s how I stay in the news. This is a hustle”.

Karan further asked, so right now how many minions you have? “As of right now, we have Orry 2, 4, 5 and 6. There was an Orry 3, but she got more relevant than me, so we killed her off. She’s gone now.”

After the show got released, the word came out that Orry copied Emma Roberts, as he told almost exactly the same words about his minions and his relevance room.

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