Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101 Review: Jin is back

Finally, after a long break, Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101 aka season 2 is finally out now. The raws have been officially released up to Chapter 104 on the Kakao Page. Chapter 105 is scheduled to be released on March 31, 2024, at 12 am KST.

What Happened is Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101

Chapter 101 of Swordmasters Youngest Son starts with Gilly and Murakan having a discussion while Jin is away.

According to Gilly, it has been three months since Jin left to find Keydart. He is the 9-star mage who cursed Jin. In the previous chapter, Jin has already dealt with him pretty smartly.

Murakan thinks that Jin is very cunning and knows what he is doing. She shouldn’t stress too much about it. That’s when Jin returns back and tells Murakan about the grimore he got from Keydart.

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Siblings discussion

Back at the garden of swords, the Runcandel family siblings were having dinner all together. Luna and Jin were not present at the dinner.

They were talking about the death of Keydart who died at the hands of Jin Grey. Joshua started to frame Yona for this incident as he didn’t believe Jin could beat a 9-star Mage.

Yona was the one who worked in a nameless organization who are the best assassination squad. She joined the organization under their Father’s order.

However, Mary and some other siblings were not happy with this accusation. there was a small fight that broke out too there.

Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101 review
Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2/ Credit: Kakao Page

Jin and Yona

At the same time, Jin was preparing to leave and head towards the Samil village. This village comes under the territory of the Nameless organization.

He needs to get something from there and also he has to meet with someone who is none other than Yona.

Cut to the scene, we see Yona who is also pretty shocked and excited about learning the feats of Jin. She can’t wait to meet him personally. Believe she is one of the crazy siblings who is going to be introduced next.

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Where the fans can read Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101

The fans and readers can enjoy the manga, Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101 on Kakao Page and Tapas officially. The fan’s translations are now available on Asura Scans.

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