Viral Hit anime episode 1 release date, where to watch, and more

The Manhwa fans are pretty excited for the upcoming Viral Hit anime episode 1. The manhwa which is also called How to FIght has been completed and now it’s getting an anime adaptation. The high-adrenaline bully fights will be coming soon to grace the anime fans.

Release Date for Viral Hit anime episode 1

Get ready for Viral Hit anime episode 1 which is all set to release on April 11, 2024, at 12 am JST. There hasn’t been any information regarding how many episodes the anime will have.

The anime has started to stream and 6 episodes are already out!

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Where to Watch Viral Hit Anime Episode 1

The fans in Japan can officially watch the Viral Hit anime episode 1 on Fuji TV. Meanwhile, fans worldwide can stream the anime officially on the Crunchyroll platform.

You can also read the manhwa officially on Naver platforms in the Korean language. The English translations are available to read on Line Webtoon.

Viral Hit anime episode 1
How To Fight manhwa/ Credit: Naver and Webtoon

What Exactly is Viral Hit anime all about?

April will start the festival for the fans with the new upcoming animes. One of them is Viral Hit aka How to Fight which is based on Webtoon.

It will be based on high school life, bullying, drama, and action which will be a fresh addition to watch. Studio Okuruto Noboru is behind the anime production. The animation looks pretty solid and I am very excited for the Viral Hit anime episode 1.

Our main character, “Hobin,” is labeled as the loser of the school. And the trend nowadays is NewTube, where you can earn a lot of money.

After always getting bullied, one day he will stumble upon a bit of luck with Snapper (another character) and will become famous and viral with a single video on NewTube.

His family condition is poor as his mother is admitted to a hospital and he is the only breadwinner. Seeing the earnings from the video he will decide on a path to become the Newtuber and fight against bullies.

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The Cast

Well, here is the official cast for the Viral Hit anime. The names of the characters are different from the manhwa as it is based on Japanese. Kenka Dokugaku is the Japanese title for the anime.

  • Kota Shimura as Satoshi Niwa (Hobin)
  • Kanegon as Nobuhiko Okamoto (Snapper)
  • Aki Yashio as Fairouz Ai (Gaeul)
  • Kaho Asamiya as Yui Ishikawa (Bomi Choi)
  • Hamaken as Shunsuke Takeuchi (Pakgo)
  • Reo Shinjo as Kaito Ishikawa (Taehoon Seong)
  • Rumi Meguro as Yoshino Aoyama (Rumi)
  • Tatsuya Ōgi as Yūichi Nakamura (Kim)
  • TOU-KEI as Tomokazu Sugita (Samdak)

The Plot

High school student Hobin Yu, who is scrawny and unassuming, stars in a fighting-themed NewTube channel. However, Hobin quickly starts beating off opponents with greater experience and earning more money than he ever imagined after heeding the instructions of an unknown NewTube channel. Is this sustainable for Hobin, or will he face competition?

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