Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2 release date announced!

Rejoice manhwa fans as Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2 aka Chapter 101 release date has been announced. It was reported by @opheliarizen on Twitter recently. It is set to be released on March 24, 2024. Only the manhwa will be updated first on the official platform, Kakao Page.

Swordmaster's Youngest Son season 2
Credit: Kakao Page

Season 2 out: Swordmasters Youngest Son Chapter 101 Review: Jin is back

The Plot of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2

Chiron Runcandel, the finest knight in history, was the head of the most esteemed swordsman family in the realm, and his youngest son, Jin, was born into this esteemed line. Despite the Runcandel lineage’s reputation for producing physically gifted and naturally gifted swordsmen, Jin stands alone as the worst disappointment in the line’s annals.

This time around, he had a second opportunity after his humiliating and pointless ejection. “What are your plans for utilizing this power?” “I’m going to use it myself.”
Exceptional skill, recollections of his previous existence, and a sacred covenant. Next steps for Jin’s life? Should he seek the highest office or live a life of vengeance?

Tighten your belts and be seated on your seat, as Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2 is going to bring some heat with it.

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Recap of recent events

Chapter 100 of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son shows us Jin’s revenge on his first nemesis who gave him the curse. The last few chapters were very well written.

I liked the idea about how they ended the season 1. The first enemy, Keydart who was the person behind the curse was finally dealt by Jin in a cunning manner.

Jin was disguised as the last member of the Hyster family and was able to con him perfectly. Not only did he kill him but also he was able to learn his nemesis magic by following him.

Joshua who was the one behind the schemes might be the next target for Jin in Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2. Also, my personal favorite Luna Runcandel is going to giver her full support to Jin now.

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Swordmaster's Youngest Son season 2
Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2/ Credit: Kakao Page

Who is the Runcandal Family?

Within the universe of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son, there exists a patriarchal family named Runcandel who were all formerly Swordmasters. Swordsmanship is their ultimate goal.

A guy named Temar established the Runcandel family a thousand years ago. In Runkandel annals, Temar stands head and shoulders above the rest as the strongest ancestor. He also served as Solderet’s contractor following Roi Zipple. He and his runcandel were no match for Zipple, no matter how powerful they were.

Who is the Zipple Family?

Opposite to the Runcandel family is the Zipple family. The Zipple seeks the highest form of magic rather than the highest level of swordsmanship. On top of that, they purportedly have influence over half of the global population.

The Runcandel family is supposedly cursed to never use magic again because they took an oath with the Zipple long ago. Jin might face some more danger from the Zipple family in the upcoming Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2.

Know about Jin Runcandel

Jin Runcandel is someone who is described as tall and handsome, which includes dark black eyes and hair and fair skin. As the story unfolded, his once slender physique transformed into a muscular one.

Chiron Runcandel, the mightiest knight and swordmaster, fathered him, and he is the youngest of his sons. In addition to his exceptional skill with the sword and magic, he also possesses the blessed body of a Runcandel.

He was banished from his family and clan after being cursed as a child with the ‘Bladed Illusion’ such that he could never grow in his swordsmanship. His brothers and clanmates looked down on him because of this. Sadly, this curse remained with him in his prior existence before regression.

Where the fans can read Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son season 2 aka Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 101 will be first available to read on only Kakao Page. It is expected to be released on March 24, 2024.

All the images credited belong to the Kakao Page.

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