The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga review: Confusing love story

Having an older sister and falling in love with her best friend, that’s what The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga is all about. This was started back in 2022 as a one-shot and later was serialized by Tonari no Young Jump. This story and art are done by Takase Waka. In this article, we will discuss and review the manga story and where you can read it.

Review and Thoughts

So I was scrolling through the Instagram reels where I saw the story reel of this manga and got instantly hooked. The art and character design somewhat reminded me of My Dress-Up Darling.

Next was that it only had 7 chapters so far which gave me the instant urge to read this manga. Then I tried and was pleasantly surprised that The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga is really good and has great potential.

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What this manga is all about?

We have our main character, ‘Asahi’ who lives with her older sister ‘Tsukko’. Her older sister has a best friend, ‘Hinako’ who lives and stays with them all the time in their house.

Yes, Hinako is the first crush of Asahi and he has liked her since middle school when he met her for the first time. On the other hand, Hinako is cheery and girly and might not show it but it seems she also likes Asahi too.

She is very possessive towards him and Tsukko and doesn’t want anyone to steal them away. Meanwhile, Tsukko also knows what is going on between Asahi and Hinako so she helps them a little.

But doesn’t go too far and intervene when it is necessary so that they both don’t get hurt. I have seen many fans think that Tsukko is just not letting them get more closer but it is not like that.

I think she just wants both of them not to progress so fast and hurt each other in some way. She cares for both of them.

The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga
Tsukko from The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga/ Credit: Takase Waka, Tonari no Jump


She is the older sister who loves anything pretty. She is in the department of mathematics, faculty of science. She also loves her BFF (Hinako) and her brother and she is pretty smart. Tsukko gives the mommy vibes in the manga. There are sometimes Yuri vibes in the manga but I don’t think it is going to happen in The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga.


The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga
Hinako/ Credit: Takase Waka, Tonari no Jump

Next is our female lead, Hinako who reminds me of Marin Kitagawa (My Dress Up Darling). Even her character design is pretty much the same and her personality too.

She basically visits and lives in the house of Tsukko and loves to tease her little brother. But as the chapter progresses, we see she has slowly started to like Asahi and always falls for her sweet lines. Also, you will see that she is very possessive when it comes to Tsukko and Asahi.


The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga
Asahi/ Credit: Takase Waka, Tonari no Jump

Our Main character, Asahi is popular among the girls in his class. He even loves K-pop idol groups and has a crush on Hinako. He even learned how to cook good food for her.

As the chapter progresses, we see his and Hinako’s relationship slowly getting closer. He is a gentle and kind guy and cares for Hinako too. I am loving right now how the story is progressing and can’t wait for more chapters.

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Official Synopsis

Hinako, a friend of Asahi’s older sister, is a frequent guest at the home of the high school boy. She always misleads his mind with her suggestive attitude while treating him like a little brother…or rather, pet? A love story between a gal who has a bugged sense of proximity and an otaku guy who acts like her parent!

Source: r/AneNoTomodachi on Reddit

Where the fans can read The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga

You can officially read the The Cutest Girl Closest To Me manga on Tonari no Young Jump magazine and website. The official English translations are not out yet but you can find the fan’s translation easily. Chapter 8 is going to release by the end of May according to the author.

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