Ayanokoji vs Yuichi Katagari: Battle of Manipulators

The fans always like to see the main characters who manipulate things and come out on top. The thrill and goosebumps we get after their plan success is on the next level. Whether it’s a novel, manga, or anime, Ayanokoji vs Yuichi Katagari is much trendy topic in terms manipulation.

Of course, there are other characters but we will only talk about these two guys, their skills, manipulation, and who might win against each other.

Tomodachi Game Chapter 125
Tomodachi Game manga/ Credit: Kodansha K Manga

The Manipulation Battle

Ayanokoji has mostly inhumanely trained since he was a child in the lab (probably 15 years) He is a mastermind when it comes to human psychology and how to manipulate a human.

Ayanokoji doesn’t need any special weakness or emotions of others to manipulate them. Sometimes you might feel that everything seems okay but when the times come, you realize you were in the hands of Ayanokoji who was manipulating since the beginning. Plus, he is extremely intelligent and may be called a genius.

On the other hand, Yuichi Katagari is also a great manipulator and mostly excels in human nature, relationships, and emotions. He uses tactics based on psychological warfare, playing on participants’ emotions to win games.

He learned from his teacher Shiba Taizen( a great swindler). Yuichi can easily understand the personality of the person with just a simple talk. Yuichi is not a genius or smart but he is extremely evil and will do everything to reach his goal.

Conclusion: Ayanokoji High Difference Yuichi in terms of wits and manipulation. We know that Yuichi might take some evil approach but infornt of Ayanokoji, it’s useless.

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Ayanokoji vs Yuichi Katagari
Credit: Studio Lerche, Crunchyroll

Physical Skills and Combat

Both characters are mostly known for their manipulation. But what happens if Ayanokoji vs Yuichi Katagari happens in one vs one battle? So who will win? Ayanokoji Low Difference Yuichi.

There is no doubt or even debate when it comes to combat and physical abilities that Ayanokoji will defeat Yuichi very easily.

Ayanokoji has trained in the lab with all physical combat abilities and martial arts since he was a kid. He has received a military type of training along with great stamina and muscles.

On the other hand, fighting or combat was never a strong suit for Yuichi. He has always leaned toward exploiting human nature and emotions more instead of fighting directly.

Thoughts and Ratings

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s strength as a multi-faceted character is his ability to evade detection until the very end. When faced with an intellectual or physical challenge, his strategic mind and training make him an overwhelming opponent.

His mastery of human nature and interpersonal dynamics is Yuichi Katagiri’s greatest asset. In games with psychological components, his ability to read people’s intentions and vulnerabilities makes him a strategic genius.

If I have to rate both of them from 10 points, then here are my ratings:

  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji: 9/10
  • Yuichi Katagari: 8/10

Ayanokoji vs Yuichi Katagari: Who Wins?

Determining a clear victory between both characters might vary on the situation and battlefield, but I still think Ayanokoji will win with High Difference. Those who think that Yuichi is more demon and evil, you might need to read Classroom of the Elite novel and see how Ayanokoki deals with that kind of people.

Classroom of the Elite

Almost all of the students of Kōdo Ikusei Senior High School either continue their education or get jobs after graduation. The school is highly esteemed and has modern facilities. There is complete flexibility for pupils to wear whatever they want and bring any personal belongings they want.

Even though Kōdo Ikusei seems like a paradise, the reality is that only the top kids get special treatment. In D-class, where the school sends its “inferior” students to be mocked, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is enrolled. Kiyotaka got a D-class because he was irresponsible on his admission exam. Two other pupils in his class, Kikyō Kushida and Suzune Horikita, cause Kiyotaka’s status to start changing.

You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll and read the manga on Seven Seas Entertainment. You can also purchase light novels from Amazon and Seven Seas Entertainment.

Tomodachi Game

With his best friends Shiho Sawaragi, Tenji Mikasa, Makoto Shibe, and Yutori Kokorogi by his side, high school student Yuuichi Katagiri has a rich and rewarding existence.

But following a specific incidence, they find themselves entangled in a debt repayment game. The key to success in the “Tomodachi Game” is to have faith in their loved ones. The game should’ve been a breeze because we were all bound together by strong friendships, but…

You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. You can also read the manga which is going to end soon on the Kodansha platform.

Let us know in the comments, what you guys think about their battle and who might win between Ayanokoji vs Yuichi Katagari in your opinion.

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