Best Fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll to watch right now

Ecchi genre and fanservice are widely popular among the fans. Sometimes it gets too annoying but if it is adapted properly, then it surely makes the anime worth watching. The Cultured fans are always on the lookout and we present you with our best fanservice anime on Crunchyroll that you can watch right now.

10. Darling in the Franxx

Seasons AiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
24 Episodes2018A-1 Pictures, Trigger, CloverWorksCompleted7.20

Darling in the Franxx and Zero Two is loved by anime fans all around the World. This anime with the mecha theme and fights that add the ecchi and fanservice elements is worth watching. The ending made me cry and many other fans. You will get a lot of fanservice in this anime along with gorgeous Zero Two.

“This science fiction anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are taught to pilot massive mechs called Franxx to defend themselves from the enigmatic Klaxosaurs.

As the story progresses, we see the trials and tribulations that a group of selected children faces as they try to make sense of their environment, their relationships, and the secrets that surround them.

Character Hiro has a hard time fitting in at first, but he befriends a mysterious and talented pilot named Zero Two and grows close to him in the end. They set off on an adventure together to learn the truth about the Klaxosaurs’ past and their society’s hidden mysteries.”

9. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Best Fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll
Stella Vermillion/ Credit: SILVER LINK, Nexus
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
12 Episodes2015SILVER LINK, NexusCompleted7.43

Probably one of my favorite anime that needs a season 2. But still, we haven’t got that but you can follow the story in the light novel which is completed. Chivalry of a Failed Knight brings the top game in the fanservice moment with one of the best girls, ‘Stella Vermillion.’

“Only a select handful of people on Earth has the unique ability to shape their very essence into lethal weaponry. Known as “Blazers,” these individuals want to become Mage-Knights and attend the esteemed Hagun Academy. Among them is the rumored failure, Ikki Kurogane, who is the only Blazer with an F rating.

Stella Vermillion, a princess and an A-ranked Blazer, challenges the lowest student in the academy to a duel in which the outcome determines who becomes the slave of the victor. The stakes are high and she can’t possibly come out on the losing end, can she?”

Source: My Anime List

8. Magical Sempai

SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
12 Episodes2019Linden FilmsCompleted6.40

Ecchi and fanservice blend with comedy will keep entertained throughout the anime. Magic-chan aka Sempai is the main character who loves doing magic. However, she has a stage fright and somehow always messes up the magic trick.

In addition to making se*ual comments or double entendres, Sempai frequently gets into uncomfortable situations and partially exposes herself.

“As he begins his first semester at Tanenashi High School, a demotivated first-year student looks for an easy-going group to join. A charming upperclassman is rehearsing her magic tricks in the magic clubroom, which he subsequently discovers.

Because her stage anxiety makes her clumsy, she often finds herself in the most humiliating of situations. The rookie joins the group despite his lack of enthusiasm and finds himself embroiled in a series of uncomfortable situations with his eccentric mentor, the club’s leader, an incompetent magician.”

Source: My Anime List

7. Maken-Ki!

Maken Ki anime/ Credit: Wiki Fandom, AIC Spirits
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
2 seasons with OVA’s2011AIC SpiritsCompleted6.32

Might be one of the best when it comes to steamy and fanservice anime on Crunchyroll, Maken-Ki! This show has a wide variety of female characters with fanservice on almost every episode.

“This romantic comedy follows the story of Takeru Ohyama, a typical perverse adolescent, as told in the manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda. He just transferred to a coed school that doesn’t have entrance tests! Upon arrival, he discovers that the institution is far more than meets the eye, shattering his hopes of a carefree high school experience.

A Maken, a unique artifact, allows each learner to unleash their magical skills in combat! Does Takeru have a chance of finding a suitable Maken? Even though you’re adjusting to a new school and coping with a myriad of issues specific to girls?”

Source: My Anime List

6. Kill la Kill

SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
24 Episodes with OVA2013Trigger StudiosCompleted8.03

Kill la Kill anime with female leads and characters that have top-notch animation, fights, and fanservice. The costume transformation sequence in this is one of the best parts of the series.

“Ryuuko Matoi’s quest to uncover who murdered her father is the protagonist of the novel. The only clue she has is his father’s invention—a scissor blade that is missing half of its blade—so she follows it.

Because of this, she ends up at Honnouji Academy, where Satsuki and the other Elite Four quickly vanquish her. On her way back to her house, she encounters a Senketsu, which she uses to reawaken it.

With her newfound ability, will Ryuuko be able to beat Satsuki and the Elite Four, and discover the truth behind her father’s murder?”

Source: My Anime List

5. Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars)

Best Fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll
Food Wars anime/ Credit: J.C. Staff, Crunchyroll
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
5 seasons with OVA’s2015J.C. StaffCompleted8.14

Shokugeki no Souma is based on cooking battles that add unique fanservice and ecchi elements throughout the series. The female characters’ designs are also top-notch in this series.

“Middle schooler Yukihira Soma is the protagonist of Shokugeki no Soma. He is hell-bent on outdoing his father in the kitchen. His dad intends to retire from the family restaurant and pursue culinary excellence in Europe.

Prior to his departure, he enrolled Soma in a prestigious culinary school that had an extraordinarily low graduation rate (only 10%). Could Soma hone his abilities, or is the cooking going to be too hot?”

Source: Crunchyroll

4. The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, REALLY Love You

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really Love You 175
The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You anime/ Credit: Crunchyroll
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
1 season (2nd upcoming)2023Bibury Animation StudiosOngoing7.81

This series might have one of the most chad main characters in the anime. Rentaro who might be the King of Harem. A rom-com with excessive fanservice and ecchi moments is worth watching and is one of the best fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll to watch right now.

“During his middle school years, Rentaro Aijo experienced 100 rejections. He pays a visit to a temple in the hopes of improving his high school fortunes. He sees the God of Love, who assures him that he will meet the 100 women fate has planned for him to date soon.

But there’s a catch—he must love his new partner wholeheartedly once fate brings them together. They risk death if they do not. In high school, what happens to Rentaro and his one hundred girlfriends?”

Source: 100 Kanojo on Crunchyroll

3. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling/ Credit: Cloverworks, Crunchyroll
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
1 season (2nd upcoming)2022CloverworksOngoing8.19

You can’t miss Marin Kitagawa and her beauty and cosplay. This is yet another best fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll with romance, comedy, and ecchi.

Wakana Gojo aspires to be a kashirashi, a skilled artisan who creates traditional Japanese Hina dolls. He is a high school student. Despite his enthusiasm for the art form, he struggles to keep up with his classmates and is clueless about current fashion. The popular kids, particularly one girl named Marin Kitagawa, appear to be from another planet entirely.

When she tells him a surprising secret, their worlds will meet and everything will change.

Source: Crunchyroll

2. The Testament of Sister New Devil as one of the best fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll

The Testament of Sister New Devil/ Credit: Production IMS
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
2 seasons with OVA’s2015Production IMSNo news for new season6.70

Probably with most fanservice and ecchi moments in this list. All the female characters are gorgeous and top-notch. This anime gives straight competition to High School DxD.

“Basara Toujou finds out the hard way that not making a good first impression is as easy as running into your new stepsister in the bathroom. His only option is to welcome the Naruse sisters—the curvy redhead Mio and the little silver-haired Maria—into his family when his father unexpectedly returns with two stunning girls and introduces them as his new siblings.

It is only when these two girls—Mio, the sole daughter of the last Demon Lord, and Maria, her loyal succubus servant—expose themselves as demons that Basara is compelled to come clean about his past as a former member of a clan of “Heroes,” sworn opponents of the demons.

After developing feelings for his new sisters, Basara chooses to use his abilities to safeguard them and enters into a master-servant agreement with Mio to ensure her safety.”

Source: My Anime List

1. Konosuba

Where to read Konosuba Light Novels
Konosuba Season 3 official art/ Credit: Konosuba official website
SeasonsAiredStudioStatusMy AnimeList Score
3 seasons with OVA’s2016Studio DeenOngoing8.10

The best when it comes to fantasy, comedy, ecchi, and fanservice moments. Kazuya with Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin with their unique nature and bonding is just too good to watch. You can read more about Konosuba here.

This includes our list of Best Fanservice Anime on Crunchyroll to watch right now. Let us know which one you like the most and which one you would like to watch. We will bring more topics and lists next time, till then keep following us and share it with your friends.

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