The Gentlemen, A Netflix TV Drama, Action Based Series

Netflix is all set to release an upcoming action and adventure based Tv series named ‘The Gentlemen’. Guy Ritchie has created and directed the series and also the series is kind of a sequel of the film ‘The Gentlemen’ which was also created by Guy Ritchie in 2019. Theo James has played the role of Eddie Halstead in the series which is the protagonist. Guy Ritchie and Matthew Read have written the story of the series. Hugh Warren has produced the series and the production companies involved are Moonage Pictures, STX Television and Miramax Television.

The Gentlemen Netflix Release Date

The makers of the series released the official teaser on Netflix and Netflix’s Youtube channel. Teaser was released on 15th of January 2024 and within the time span of not more than 4 weeks, around 3.6 million people have watched it. This is going to be a much anticipated series, looking back at the success of movie ‘The Gentlemen’ of 2019. 

The Gentlemen Netflix release date is 7th of March 2024. Series will only be available on Netflix, since it is the official distribution partner.

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Plot of the Series

This is Netflix’s brief introduction about the series: ‘When aristocratic Eddie Inherits the family estate, he discovers that it’s home to an enormous weed empire and its properties aren’t going anywhere’.

Production & Filming

Guy Ritchie along with Matthew Read, Ivan Atkinson, Bill Block, Marn Davies, Will Gould, Marc Helwig and Frith Tiplady are the executive producers of the series. In London from November 2022 the production started and lasted till June 2023. After the teaser was released in January 2024, Ray Winstone was confirmed to be the part of the cast. Guy was inspired by his own film The Gentlemen of 2019 to enter the development of television series.   

Cast of the Series

Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Giancarlo Esposito, Daniel Ings, Vinnie Jones, Joely Richardson

Creator: Guy Ritchie

Genres: Tv Dramas, British, Tv Comedies, Tv Action & Adventure, Crime Tv Shows

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