Tower Dungeon Manga: Chainsaw Man Author Recommendation

The newly started work by Tsutomu Nihei, Tower Dungeon manga, recently got recommended by Chainsaw Man author, Tatsuki Fujimoto. Not only that but, Yukinobu Tatsunoko, the creator of Dandadan also recommended the manga. What’s so special about this? Let’s find it out.

The Plot of Tower Dungeon Manga

An evil sorcerer abducts the princess of the realm and kills the monarch; the two of them hide in a massive tower-like structure where terrible magical monsters run amok in this labyrinth fantasy. As they attempt to rescue the princess from this gigantic tower that once fell from the sky, a young farmer decides to join the rescue squad.

Defeat at the hands of a nearby hamlet forces a young man to the tower, setting in motion a chain reaction that eventually leads to the replenishment of wounded ranks. An enchanted story of wizardry and maze-solving commences.

Why you should read Tower Dungeon Manga

Well first and foremost, it is set in medieval times. The setting of Tower Dungeon manga will remind you of Berserk.

The art is kind of unique, many would not like it. The main character appears to be humble and is not co**y.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to read it; Ninhei appears to have grown as a writer when confronted with a diverse group of people.

So far, I’ve noticed a lot of different expressions, especially from the main character, who isn’t as stiff as before and shows flashes of humor, and regular conversations are coming across as more real.

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We don’t really need to know much more about worldbuilding at this point, so we’ve kept the details to a minimum. The concept of the tower’s floor levels seems to have borrowed too much from video games, although the Japanese fandom tends to adore stuff like this.

Feeling a bit let down by the lack of science-fiction components. Based on the manga’s first description, I continue to believe that the tower, complete with its technology and inhabitants, is actually an extraterrestrial building, even though the interior seems remarkably human. Perhaps they underwent reconstruction at various points?

Tower Dungeon Manga
Credit: Kodansha/ Sirius Shonen magazine

Know about the author

Tsutomu Nihei was born on February 26, 1971, at Fukushima, Japan. He has been drawing mangas since the year 1990.

His 1995 Afternoon Four Seasons Award contribution, a one-shot adaptation of Blame!, garnered the Taniguchi Jiro Special Prize.

Blame! is a fairly popular manga that made Nihei famous for his work. As a student of architecture, Nihei’s early works relied heavily on images and backgrounds to convey narratives rather than words. A devoted fan base has formed all across the globe for his cyberpunk-inspired artwork.

You can check out his other works too, as I can say, Blame! is worth reading if you are a manga geek.

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Where You Can Read Tower Dungeon Manga

The fans and readers can read the Tower Dungeon manga on Kodansha and monthly Shōnen Sirius magazine officially. There are many other platforms where you can read the series too.

Currently, there are only 5 chapters that have been released. Also, the manga has a monthly release schedule.

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