Top 10 Powerful Kaiju in Kaiju No. 8

Monster#8 aka Kaiju No. 8 anime has been on the trend for this season. Fans have seen many types of Kaiju and special ones. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 powerful Kaiju in this series. But before that let us know more about the term ‘Kaiju’

‘Kaiju’ or the mysterious Monsters that attack the cities and kill people all around the world in the series. All of them have different features while some may look almost human. The smaller monsters are called Yonju and the one who leads the pack and the slightly bigger ones are called Honju.

Next in Daikaiju, specialize Honju whose magnitude increased to 8.0. Last but not least are the identified Kaiju who are not easy to kill and their magnitude increases up to 9.0. That’s why the Neutralization Bureau gives them codes and numbers to identify them.

Beware this post will contain heavy spoilers from manga, so please proceed with caution.

10. Kaiju No. 14

Kaiju No. 14/ Credit: Manga Plus, Shueisha

This was one of the Kaiju from the nebulous grey area and was designed by Kaijo No. 9 to counter some defense task force members. The most they wanted to counter was ‘Mina Ashiro’.

This monster can fly in the air, shoot beams, and even use teleportation which makes him dangerous. His task was to cause damage while being teleported so that Mina would have trouble dealing with him.

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9. Kaiju No. 1

Top 10 Powerful Kaiju
Gen Narumi/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

This monster was never shown in the true form in the series till now. It was weaponized and is being used by Gen Narumi in the form of eyes. It has the power of future sight and was told to be one of the most formidable Kaiju.

8. Kaiju No. 2

Kaiju No. 2/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

This monsterous Kaiju like Godzilla was a menace and even almost destroyed Sapporo. Eventually, in the end, it was taken down by ‘Isao Shinomiya’ and was weaponized to be a weapon used by him.

It had the ultimate strength, size, sonic blast, and power to unleash a blast made of Electromagnetic energy. Isao Shinomiya showed the power of him in weaponized form when he fought against Kafka (Kaiju form)

7. Kaiju No. 11

Kaiju No. 11/ Credit: Shueisha/ Manga Plus

Just like how Kaiju No. 14 was made to counter Mina, this one was designed to counter Gen Narumi for his future sight. This monster knew from Isao’s memories about the ability of Gen.

This Kaiju used hydrokinesis ability to predict Gen attacks by using electric signals. Besides this, it has nothing special and after figuring it out for some time, Gen was able to beat him after suffering for a few chapters in the manga.

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6. Kaiju No. 13

Top 10 Powerful Kaiju
Kaiju No. 13/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

This was like a Flash from DC in the Kaiju world however got quickly humbled by Kafka. Kaiju No. 13 wasn’t able to show properly his powers and rampage because he met Kafka.

The fact that this Kaiju could run and battle at tremendous speeds and appear to have the power to improve its muscles is well-known among fans. But Kafka was able to defeat him quickly who has arrived after a new training session.

5. Kaiju No. 15

Kaiju No. 15/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

Kaiju No. 15 didn’t have any strong body, power, blast, or beams, instead, it relied heavily on mental attacks. This monster ability to use mental attacks that bring memories of a person and manipulate traumas and guilt.

This Kaiju faced Kikoru Shinomiya and used her memories of her family to trap her. She struggles a lot while facing this monster due to her past and the memories of her mother and father.

4. Kaiju No. 12

Kaiju No. 12/ Credit: Shueihsa, Manga Plus

This Kaiju was meant to be the perfect version of Kaiju No. 10 who was defeated and made into the weapon. He was meant to be a counter for vice-captain ‘Soshiro Hoshina’. Their battle was the greatest fight in the whole manga till now.

This Kaiju was a close-range type of fighter so he might have been obliterated if he had faced Mina.

3. Kaiju No. 6 is one of the top 10 powerful Kaiju

Kaiju No. 6/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

This was the King of Kaiju’s, the strongest Kaiju till now. This was before Kafka and Kaiju No. 9 appeared. Kikoru Shinomiya’s mother and 200 other defense corps members were killed by him in the rampage.

Later in the story, this was made into a weaponized body suit which is currently used by ‘Leno Ichikawa’.

2. Kaiju No. 8 aka Kafka Hibino

Kaiju No. 8/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

The main protagonist of the story, ‘Kafka Hibino’ coincidently swallowed a bug kaiju and evolved into Kaiju No. 8. According to the 9.8 magnitude power that he released, it was said that he might be the strongest Kaiju of all time.

Yes, but for now, he doesn’t know how to use the Kaiju power properly. But he is growing and becoming more stronger in the story. He is the only one who can fight and defeat Kaiju No. 9 right now.

1. Kaiju No. 9

Kaiju No. 9/ Credit: Shueisha, Manga Plus

The main villain and currently the strongest, Kaiju No. 9 was not that strong at the beginning of the story. However, after fusing with FS-1002 and Isao Shinomiya, he completely evolves into a different being.

Research credit from GameRant.

The Plot

In a world plagued by creatures known as Kaiju, Kafka Hibino aspired to enlist in The Defense Force. He makes a promise to enlist with his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro. Soon, life takes them in separate ways. While employed cleaning up after Kaiju battles, Kafka meets Reno Ichikawa. Reno’s determination to join The Defense Force reawakens Kafka’s promise to join Mina and protect humanity.

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Kaiju No 8. Anime release schedule and where to watch

The anime made by Production I.G. is scheduled for 12 episodes. Till now four episodes have been out and every new episode comes out on Sunday in Japan. (Saturday for some countries)

The fans can stream the Kaiju No. 8 anime on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and Twitter/X. You can also read the manga on Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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