Chained Soldier episode 4 release date & more

The cultured fans are quite for Chained Soldier episode 4 whose release date is out. We saw Yuuki having a lovely time with Kyouka. He even gets to know the whole back story of her revenge. Also, the demon girl along with his Shukki, what are they planning? Also, the entry of some new characters. Let’s check out the release date, recap, and more in this article.

Chained Soldier episode 4
Chained Soldier anime/ Credit: HIDIVE

Release Date for Chained Soldier episode 4

The anime, Chained Soldier episode 4 release date is January 26, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeJanuary 26, 202411:00 p.m. (KST)
Eastern Standard TimeJanuary 25, 20249:00 a.m. (EST)
Indian Standard TimeJanuary 25, 20248:30 p.m. (IST)
Greenwich TimeJanuary 25, 20242:00 p.m. (GMT)
Australian Standard TimeJanuary 26, 20241:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeJanuary 26, 202411:00 p.m. (JST)

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Recap of Episode 3

Episode 3 of Chained Soldier anime starts with Yuuki spending time with her captain and master. Kyouka looked lovely in a casual dress. At the same time, Shushu was trying to find Yuuki.

Kyouka brought Yuuki to Oisawa, where the Shuuki attack happened. It was the hometown of her. And how the one-horned Shuuki destroyed everything here. She swore revenge to kill that one-horned Shuuki (unihorn).

And that Shuuki somehow managed to escape from Demon Corps and is still alive somewhere.

Chained Soldier episode 4
Credit: HIDIVE


Just when they were about to head back to Mato, Yuuki suggested they should spend some more time in the cafe. They both enjoy some parfait. Seeing her smile, Yuuki was reminded of her sister.

Then they get an emergency signal and head back to Mato once again. Because Yuuki transformed, Kyouka has to reward him. And believe, the reward was quite satisfactory.

Next together with all squad, they went to clear the Shuuki’s. That is when they met the horn Shuuki and the demon girl. They were both quite powerful. She also heads Mato Peach.

She was looking for her brother who was supposed to be the most handsome man out there. However, she stopped her rampage because she thought Yuuki resembled her brother.

Tenka is here!

Kyouka along with Yuuki also head back to the headquarters, as some of them were injured.

Then we had some more comedy, and ecchi moments in the further road. And finally, in the last part of episode 3 of Chained Soldier, we see some new faces.

Tenka, the commander of the 6th squad, and Yachiho the second in command.

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Know more about the anime

An otherworldly realm known as “Mato” emerges in a narrative where gender roles are no longer balanced, bestowing extraordinary abilities upon women through special peaches. Did you get the warning? Here in this alternate reality, devils are free to wander.

Our unforeseen hero, Yuki Wakara, makes an appearance. He has an extraordinary talent for a high school student. Amid the global effort to repel the demonic invasion, a group known as the Anti-Demon Corpse volunteers to protect humanity.

What are their strongest points? Armed and ready to fight off the evil invasion, peach-empowered women. Yet, there is an asterisk. Due to the Anti-Demon Corpse’s policy of not recruiting males, Yuuki finds herself in the unanticipated role of caregiver for the seventh unit.

Where the fans can watch Chained Soldier episode 4

The fans can enjoy the anime, Chained Soldier episode 4 on HIDIVE officially.

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