Moby Dick manhwa chapter 7 raw scans and spoilers

The newly started manhwa by Yansae, Moby Dick manhwa chapter 7 has been finally out today. In this previous story, we saw how Hoosang found a new high-paying job. Now this is a job not everyone can do it. They need a strong and healthy body like him. Let’s dive in for the information on what happened in this chapter.

Moby Dick chapter 7 manhwa
Moby Dick manhwa/ Credit: @_dist_o on Twitter/ Toptoon

Spoilers and Summary for Moby Dick manhwa chapter 7

The raw scans and spoilers are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. The Moby Dick manhwa chapter 7 starts with Hoosung dominating Woojin more. This time, it seems they are going into more hardcore mode.

The artwork here was so gorgeous. Yansae has done a fine job while making Woojin hot too. After that, he got a call from his boss, and he had to report there immediately.

And it is none other than Yoona who comes to pick him up in a car. Yoona tells him that she is going to be his manager from now on.

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New girl is insane!

They arrived at a golf resort. Hoosang is stunned to see a big house behind it. He has never seen one like this in his life before. They meet their boss there. If I am not mistaken, she is called Mrs Cho for now. The english translation will clear it later.

They started to chat about Woojin a little. He has already another job too now. However this time the VIP or guest is a little bit unique. We have been introduced to a blonde woman now. Her name is Dahye.

She was already enjoying her time with another man, and now Hoosung has to join them. That’s how the Moby Dick manhwa chapter 7 ended.

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Where the fans can read Moby Dick manhwa chapter 7

The fans and readers can enjoy the manhwa on Toptoon Korea for now. Soon, it will also be available to read on Day Comics in english.

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