What happened in Secret Class 202 manhwa?

Another week, and Secret Class 202 has been released. The narrative was going on the bus right now. All the passengers have left the bus leaving only June and Daeho. They both were involved romantically in the previous chapter. The english chapter of the manhwa will be published on December 31, 2024, on Day Comics. Let’s check out what happened in this chapter.

Secret Class 202
Secret Class/ Credit: Day Comics/ Toptoon

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary for Secret Class 202 manhwa

The raw scans and spoilers for Secret Class 202 manhwa are posted on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. Nothing sort of extraordinary thing happened in this chapter. I will keep the summary short.

The chapter started with Daeho and June. They are still on the bus and enjoying their romance. Then they return back to their home from the trip to Seoul. They had a family dinner together. Even the uncle was there. It would be interesting at this point if Daeho is going to act from here. I hope the author won’t get distracted from the plot and start the same repetitive pattern.

Next, the scene changes, and Daeho is already back in his room. Mia comes to visit him there. Next, she started to ask many questions related to his trip along with June. She even asked whether he even missed her or not. And now every single reader can guess what happened next. Yes, now it’s Mia and Daeho turn, that’s how the Secret Class 202 manhwa ended.

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Beginning with Daeho savoring his relationship with June on the bus, the secret scans of Class 201 started. June asks him to quit, but he tells her he loves her. That someone on the bus may see them was her biggest concern.

Nevertheless, who really is Daeho? To him, it was unappealing. In the back, we can see them having an affair. The driver abruptly halted the vehicle. Perhaps he caught a glimpse of them or heard the voice, I reasoned.

But he did let them know that the bus would be pausing for ten minutes at the rest stop. Aside from Daeho and June, everyone else began to disembark from the vehicle. In the scenario that follows, Daeho and June’s romantic involvement intensifies.

Where the fans can read Secret Class 202

The readers and fandom can enjoy the manhwa, Secret Class 202 only on Toptoon and Day Comics. The english chapter can be read on Day Comics on Sunday.

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