My Hero Academia live-action is on the way by Netflix

This is not clickbait, and you read exactly what I first read. My Hero Academia live-action is really in production by none other than Netflix. It was supposed to be a movie, but now it is still not decided. The producer “Joby Harold” confirmed in an interview with Collider, that the production has already started.

My Hero Academia live-action
Deku from My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia live-action in production

The source was Collider, who did the interview too. Although details such as a release date and narrative points remained under wraps, it is clear that production is underway for My Hero Academia live-action. Although there have been hints that it could be a film, the exact nature of the live-action My Hero Academia adaptation remains unclear at this time.

It was Collider’s intention to inquire about the status of the My Hero Academia live-action movie, which IMDB lists Harold as a writer for, before moving on to a discussion of Apple TV’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. “Indeed, it is,” Harold said. Without a doubt. The item I’m working on is something I’m really enjoying. I can’t wait to give it a go and share it with the world. This one is huge. In response to the question of if this is something Harold is “actively working on,” he simply said, “Yeah.”

He admitted that he couldn’t divulge much information about the project, including “what version” of the media franchise it would be based on, but did say that it was a major deal in his life and that he could only confirm that it was live-action. I’m finding it quite enjoyable… I am astounded. I’m incredibly thrilled about this incredible opportunity.

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The adaptation of My Hero Academia live-action is now in development and has the support of both Netflix and Legendary Entertainment. Not only is Harold listed as a writer on the project on IMDB, but so is Kôhei Horikoshi. The man behind the camera is Shinsuke Sato. Don Burgess, Jay Ashenfelter, and Spencer Averick are among the other names listed on IMDB for the planned live-action adaptation of My Hero Academia.

Know more about My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia live-action

An aspiring hero without any “quirks” enrolls in an academy for the world’s most powerful heroes in the ever-popular media phenomenon My Hero Academia, which would see a live-action adaptation for the fourth film in the series. The plot revolves around a superhero universe. Two more films in the series, 2019’s My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and 2021’s My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, followed the 2018 debut of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

In 2014, My Hero Academia debuted as a manga. An animated series based on the popular manga My Hero Academia premiered in April 2016. The manga is widely considered to be among the best-selling works of all time. Both the fourth animated film and the seventh season of the anime are in the works at the moment.

Season 7 release date

The official news has been out and My Hero Academia Season 7 is set to come out in Spring 2024. The sixth season ended with America’s greatest hero, Star, and Stripes, going to Japan to save her friend All Might and the hero society from certain doom. Season seven will continue exactly where season six left off.

Expanding on the series’ worldbuilding, this arc will introduce additional formidable heroes from throughout the globe. The strength of All For One is steadily increasing, so Deku and his pals will be grateful to have an ally of this caliber. The typical format for the series is for 24–25 episodes spread out across two courses. In the second cour, Deku will investigate an ally who turns out to be a traitor, continuing the plot from U.A. Traitor.

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