Carol and The End of The World, A Shocking! Miniseries

Netflix is all set to release an upcoming animated scientific miniseries named, ‘Carol & the end of the world’. This miniseries is going to be an adult science fiction apocalyptic comedy drama. Dan Guterman has created the series in association with Netflix as its official distribution partner. Dan Guterman has also provided the screenplay for the series. At the end of the year 2023, the series is scheduled to be released on Netflix official site. The series is officially going to originate from The United States of America and Canada. English will be the official language in which the series  is going to be released. Now, let’s know more about Carol and The End of The World. 

Carol and The End of The World Release Date

The makers of the series released the official trailer on Netflix official site and on Youtube. Official trailer of the series was released on 4th of December 2023 and within the time span of a week, more than 277 thousand people have watched it. The expectations of it to reach an even larger audience are high, because of the increasing hype within the audience.

The makers will release ‘Carol and The End of The World’ on 15th of December 2023 on Netflix. 

The series will only be available on Netflix, since it is the official distribution partner.

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Plot of the Series

This is Netflix’s brief introduction about the series: ‘As a planetar looms, a woman struggling to embrace end times chaos searches for meaning in her last months on Earth’.

Basically, the story of Carol and The End of The World, revolves around a girl, whose name is Carol. The world comes to know about a mysterious planet which is slowly coming towards Earth and going to collide with it. Now, when the extinction is near, all the people feel free to carry out their wildest dreams. But, amongst all there is a woman who stands alone. According to Dan Guterman, the series is ‘a love letter to routine’.

Cast of the Series

Martha Kelly, Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Mel Rodriguez, Michael Chernus, Beth Grant, Lawrence Pressman

Creator: Dan Guterman

Genres: TV Comedies, US TV Shows 

This Show is: Offbeat, Deadpan, Bittersweet

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