Origin by Boichi getting a live-action movie!

After the success of One Piece live-action, anime, and manga have bloomed more in the West. Now we have, Origin by Boichi who is the artist of the famous series “Dr. Stone” which is getting live-action now. The news was published by @Variety on Twitter recently. The release date and further information is not revealed yet. However, we can expect it soon.

Origin by Boichi

Who is Boici?

Boichi or “Mu-jik Park” is a Korean artist who lives in Japan and is a professional manga artist. He is famous for his work “Dr.Stone” which is one of the most popular series. The manga is already complete while the Anime is still going on. It has a total 3 seasons for now.

His works

Boichi by Origin
Senku from Dr.Stone/Credit: @shuikasworld on Twitter

He had always wanted to be a manga artist, but he ended up majoring in physics in college so he could draw science fiction and learn about imaging and performance technologies. After that, he went on to study image technology in graduate school.

During her enrolled year in 1993, she made her debut in a Korean shoujo manhwa magazine. Since then, he has released a slew of works and published instructional books on manhwa drawing, expanding his fan base and boosting his popularity.

He first dabbled in Japanese manga in 2004. “Ultimate Space Emperor Caesar” was his inaugural tankōbon in Japan, serialized in Monthly “Comic Gum.”

Sun Ken Rock

The first serialized manga by Boichi, “Sun Ken Rock,” appeared in the biweekly magazine Young King in 2006. Yumin will have a 2011 side story and Pickaxe will have one in 2012 in this comic. “I want to Feed Yumin” is another Yumin-based Sun Ken Rock spin-off that will continue to serialize in “Monthly Young King” in 2012.

While working with Masao Yajima, Boichi was in charge of the art for Raqiya, a five-volume manga that came out in 2009. Furthermore, he alone worked on the 2007 Takeda Yuusuke one-shot Art of Brutality.

Know more about Origin by Boichi

Origin by Boichi was first serialized in Kodansha and Weekly Young Magazine from 2016 to 2019. The 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival awarded Origin the Grand Prize in 2019.


Tokyo, 2048. Japan is now connected to the entire northern hemisphere by the Eurasian Railroad, and all manner of crime and vice pour into the megalopolis at its eastern terminus. Little do the people know that inhuman beings live among us, however—robots with high-level AI, who will kill to survive. Only one “man” can stop them—their prototype: ORIGIN. By- Myanimelist.

Where To Read Origin by Boichi

If you are interested, you can buy the volumes from the Kodansha website. There are many fan translations also available to read online.

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