The First Omen, a Horror and Terrifying Film by Arkasha stevenson

In the month of April, theatres are all set to release an upcoming horror and terrifying movie named, ‘The First Omen’. In the Omen franchise this movie will serve as its 6th project and also this is the prequel of the first movie ‘The Omen’ which was released back in 1976. Arkasha Stevenson has directed the movie, whereas Tim Smith, Keith Thomas along with Arkasha provided the screenplay. Story is by Ben Jacoby and the characters of the movie are by David Seltzer. David S. Goyer and Keith Levine are the producers in the movie. Now, let’s discuss more about the first omen release date, plot, cast, trailer and development.

The First Omen Release Date

The makers of the movie released the official trailer on 11th of March 2024 on Youtube. Within the time span of not more than 12 hours, 1.7 million people have already watched it. This movie is much anticipated, as it is part of the Omen franchise and also it is labelled as ‘the most terrifying movie of the year’. 

The First Omen release date is 5th of April 2024 in theatres. English is the official language in which the movie will be released.

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Plot of the Movie 

The First Omen is based on the life of a young American woman, who is sent to Rome to devote her life in service of the church. There she encounters the darkness which disturbs her faith and makes her question her beliefs. In the process, she finds out a terrifying conspiracy that hopes to give birth to an evil incarnate.


Aaron Morton has provided the screenplay of the movie, whereas all the editing part is taken care of by Bob Murawski and Amy E. Duddleston. The production company involved in the production Phantom Four Films. The official distribution partner of the movie is 20th Century Studios. 

The principal filming began on the location in Rome and also at the Lumina Studios from September 19.  

Cast of the Movie 

Nell Tiger Free, Sonia Braga, Ralph Ineson, Bill Nighy, Tawfeek Barhom, Maria Caballero, Nicole Sorace

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