When Renegade Immortal Season 2 will be released?

What an incredible first season this Donghua had. It was nothing sort of a brilliant 24-episode series. The Renegade Immortal Season 2 release date is February 26, 2024, which was teased at the end of the first season. Wang Lin’s journey from a mere mortal to a ruthless cultivator was just satisfying. However, it is not over yet. Let’s check out more information about this anime in this article.

Release Date and Where To Watch Renegade Immortal Season 2

The anime, Renegade Immortal Season 2 is scheduled to release on February 26, 2024. There haven’t been any timings announced yet. The first season consists of 24 epic episodes.

You can officially stream the first season on Weibo and the QQ platform by Tencent. Build Dream and Tencent Pictures have done a brilliant job in the animation and production of the series.

This post will contain spoilers!

Renegade Immortal Season 2
Renegade Immortal/ Credit: Tencent Pictures/ Build Dream

The Plot of Renegade Immortal

Thanks to his supportive family, Wang Lin is a brilliant young man. His parents have always believed in his potential for greatness, even though he and his parents are social outcasts among their extended family.

In a flash of lightning, Wang Lin had the opportunity to become an immortal, but he quickly realized that his abilities were lacking. See Wang Lin overcome his talent gap and become immortal as he takes the journey towards immortality!

Credit by Renegade Immortal Wiki Fandom

Recap and Review

The ultimate first season for Renegade Immortal Donghua. At first, it felt a little rushed, but I think it was good enough. The novel by Er Gen has always been best regarded in the Xianxia world. And this one is the best work of his life.

The crippled boy Wang Lin’s cultivation journey was thrilling. From a crippled boy to an unbeatable person in the same realm. If you like a ruthless, cold-blooded main character, this is your heavenly pick. I expect nothing less than more ruthlessness coming from him in Renegade Immortal Season 2.

However to get there, he had paid a huge price and difficulties in every episode. It wasn’t that he became powerful in just a single episode. That’s what I liked the most about this Donghua.


After many betrayals, hard work, and with some luck he was able to read here. He found a godly treasure that helped him reach this state.

Most importantly there is a master cultivator, Situ Nan who is sealed inside in it. He became our main character’s master and helped him in his journey.

The most shocking thing from season 1 of Renegade Immortal was his family death. It was not only that, Wnag Lin also died once. However his soul was somehow able to escape and then after many years, he possessed someone else. His parent’s soul is also with him for now. I expect that he might be able to resurrect them in the future.

Sect Master

After that, it was mostly a smooth path for Wang Lin. Participating in wars, finding treasures, and improving his cultivation. He also found his first waifu. For now, it is one-sided love, but Wange’r is the cutest.

Escaping and improving his cultivation in the demon cultivation sea, he became more powerful. How much? He destroyed a whole sect and became the sect master in the last episode.

Renegade Immortal Season 2
Renegade Immortal Season 2/ Credit: Build Dream/ Tencent Pictures

What To Expect in Season 2?

Most of his enemies are dead except for the main culprit, Teng Huayuan. You can say that this is the first mini-boss in the series. He is in the Nascent realm and is a very cruel and despicable person.

Renegade Immortal Season 2 will most likely present with the revenge of Wang Lin towards the Teng family. He will reach Nascent real and then along with his sect, he will wage a war.

I will be seated and ready for the Renegade Immortal Season 2 which will start on February 26, 2024.

Why You Should Watch Renegade Immortal

If you are a fan of Chinese anime, this is a must-watch series. The plot, storytelling, animation, and everything else are just fabulous. Although there is none to zero romance but I expect that too in the Renegade Immortal Season 2.

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