The Fall Guy, An American Action Comedy Film by David Leitch

One of the most anticipated movies of 2024, The Fall Guy is set to release in theatres in May 2024. This is an American action comedy film which is directed by David Leitch. Drew Pearce has written the story and also the movie is based on a Tv series from the 1980s named the fall guy, which was created by Glen A.Larson. Kelly McCormick, Ryan Gosling, David Leitch and Guymon Casady are all the producers of the movie. Being one of the producers, Ryan has also played the role of a protagonist in the movie. Now, let’s discuss more about the movie’s trailer, release date, cast and production.

The Fall Guy Theatrical Release Date

The makers of the movie released the official trailer through Universal Pictures as their distribution partner. The trailer was released on Youtube on 2nd of November 2023. Within the time span of 3 months, more than 20 million people have watched it. This movie is a much anticipated one and there are multiple reasons behind it. Ryan Gosling has a huge fan base, also the movie is based on a very famous Tv series from the 1980s which has created expectations in the audience’s mind. 

The Fall Guy theatrical release date is 3rd of May 2024. Also its world premier will be happening on 12th of March 2023 at SXSW.

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Plot of the Movie

The protagonist of the movie The Fall Guy, Colt Seavers, whose character is played by Ryan Gosling is an action choreographer, who is no longer in his prime. Colt joins Tom Ryder, a famous actor on the sets of the film whose debutant director is Colt’s ex girlfriend Jody Moreno. When Tom suddenly disappears and the film is about to shut, Colt helps his ex-girlfriend Jody to find Tom and save the film.

Filming & Music

In Sydney, Australia, the initial (principal) filming of the movie began in October 2022. In Sydney the filming was initiated at the Disney Studios in Moore Park. The Sydney Harbour bridge was closed for several hours in the daytime due to filming on 22nd of January 2023. Till 2nd of March 2023, filming came to its end. 

Dominic Lewis created the theme music for the movie The Fall Guy. Dominic has created music previously for movies like ‘bullet train’. 

Cast of the Movie

Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Winston Duke, Aaron Tyler Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Stephanie Hsu, Teresa Palmer

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