Top 8 best anime rage moments of all time

Watching your favorite battle shonen anime and seeing the main or side characters go completely nuts and berserk is one of the most satisfying moments. Here are our favorite Top 8 best anime rage moments of all time that made fans still talk about them on the internet.

1. Gon Vs Neferpitou

Sweet, caring, and Kind Gon from Hunter x Hunter going berserk against Neferpitou might be the best anime rage moments of all time. Kite’s death brings out the anger against Neferpitou in the most cruel way.

Gon went from a young kid to a man in his thirties after gambling all of his life Nen. After that, he brutally defeats Neferpitou and makes her regret killing Kite.

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2. Levi Vs Beast Titan

In Attack of Titan, Titans reign supreme and instill fear among the people. However, quite the opposite, Levi Akerman is a beast among men who strike fear in Titans.

He is the “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” with extraordinary skills, the use of ODM gear, blade skills, and many more. After Erwin and his brave men sacrificed themself against Beast Titan, Levi set his sights on him and completely wrecked him in one vs one battle.

3. Roy Mustang Vs Envy

Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood showed the most aggressive finger snap in the history of all anime. The fans can’t even say this was the fight. It was a proper and gruesome execution for Envy.

Hughes, the close friend of Roy died at the hands of Envy. The rage that was boiling inside of him burst like a volcano when he fought against her. This was probably the most satisfying moment in the anime series.

4. Obito with the best anime rage moments in the Naruto series

Every Naruto fan knows how Obito’s life got completely changed after witnessing the death of Rin. He almost died in the Third Shinobi World War but was saved by Madara.

While recuperating for months, he was informed that his friends Rin and Kakashi were in trouble. By the time he arrived, he witnessed something that he couldn’t even dream of. With the awakened Mangekyo Sharingan, he massacred everyone and became one of the best villains after Madara in the series.

5. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

best anime rage moments
Fan art by @uchiha_jake on Twitter/x

Ulquirro was too strong for Ichigo in the Bleach anime. With a massive hole in the chest, he almost died at the hands of him. However, seeing Orihime crying for him and his wish to protect her at any cost, wakes up the Vasto Lorde from the inside that even made Orihime shiver from fear.

Ulquiorra who was almost playing with him the whole time got his a** kicked and died against the Vasto Lorde.

6. Hyakkimaru Goes Berserk

Hyakkimaru from Dororo going berserk might be my personal best anime rage moments of all time. After seeing the orphans and Mio who were close to him die at the hands of Kagemitsu and his soldiers, Hyakkimaru slaughtered everyone in rage and painted the scene with a deep red color.

7. Mob at 100%

best anime rage moments
Mob/ Credit: Shogakukan/ Bones

Every time Mob losses his sh*t and goes at 100%, he goes full berserk with unable to control himself. Every scene in Mob Psycho with Mob at 100% is a much-watched and the best anime rage moments in the series.

There are many types of 100% moments for him. But when taunted by Dimple and the cult, Tochiro’s attempt to kill Reigen made him serious to fight and unleash 100% Anger and Rage.

8. Yuji Itadori vs Mahito

Last on the list of best anime rage moments is the scene with Yuji Itadori vs Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen. As one of the best new-gen anime, Yuji the protagonist is a kind heart and follows his grandpa’s teachings to help others.

But his nature lets Mahito(special grade cursed spirit) let him exploit and toy with his friend Junpei. Even after begging Sukuna for help to only get rejected, unleashed the mad rage against the cursed spirit.

But Mahita was able to escape from him and Nanami. After that, he noted Yuji as his prime target to get rid of him.

There are still many best anime rage moments that we missed for now but will be included in the future. Please let us know in the comments, which are your favorite rage moments in anime.

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