Wolverine Game Leaked, Sony and Marvel in deep Shock!

The news is trending in all the media platforms about massive data of Marvel’s Wolverine game leaked. A huge amount of data of up to 1.63 terabytes has been leaked online by Insomniac hackers. There is also news that the hackers have demanded for around 50 BTC or 2 million dollars as ransom. If their demands are not met within the time frame of 7 days, then they have threatened to leak more important information. However, Sony has refused to fulfil their demands. There aren’t any further updates on the matter for now. 

Wolverine Game Leaked 

As per the reports of Cyber Daily, around 98% of total data which was hacked, is leaked online. Minutes after the deadline passed away, the gang of hackers leaked the data. The data contains images and videos of Wolverine gameplay, information about the staff and even the contract which is signed between Sony and Marvel for future projects. There is also news that the data stolen is bought by an enterprising bidder.

All unannounced characters and primary footage of Wolverine are now available on the internet. Also the game’s cast, all the locations, plot of the game and targeted release date. 

The moment after Sony came to know about the wolverine game leaked, they issued a statement stating that they have launched an investigation and also no other Sony department was affected by the attack.

Wolverine Game Leaked


Hackers Leaked Images and Videos

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Leaked Data About Upcoming Games of Marvel 

Wolverine game leaked and there is a whole lineup of Marvel games associated with Sony to be launched and released in the coming years. Although this information was not to be disclosed before its actual time, the hackers have stolen the data and leaked it.

The planned games are as follows:

Marvel’s Venom- 2025

Marvel’s Wolverine- 2026

Marvel’s Spider Man 3- 2028

Ratchet & Clank- 2029

Marvel’s X-Men- 2030 

Also, the X-Men licence terms are detailed. A budget of 120 million dollars has been estimated for the development of each game and also a budget of 30 million dollars for each game’s advertising. All the games developed under X-Men are meant to release by 2035.

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