Frieren Anime Season 1 review: Genuine Fantasy Masterpiece

Finally, the fantasy ride has come to an end. In this article, let’s check out the Frieren Anime Season 1 review and more in detail.

A whooping 28 masterpiece episodes have ended and left the fans wanting more. I have never seen a fantasy masterpiece in my life that can even match Frieren.

Frieren Anime Season 1 review
Frieren Anime/ Credit: Madhouse Studios and Crunchyroll

Frieren Season 1 Review

First I would like to start by thanking one of my friends who kept repeating to watch the anime. After daily nagging, I finally binge-watched the anime, and man, what a great ride it was.

This anime is already one of my favorite of all time. The fact that it takes place in the real world following the fall of the Dark Lord and features a fantasy plot is a big reason. It’s a fascinating story about a wizard during a peaceful period. Let’s check out a detailed Frieren Anime Season 1 review.

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The Simplicity

Because of its profound simplicity, Frieren captivates its audience. Frieren stands out from other prominent anime that feature intricate plots by appealing to viewers with its approachable characters and concepts that make them feel at home.

Real people living life to the fullest, relishing every minute before it ends, are the protagonists of this novel. Frieren is a beloved story that mirrors our own adventures because of this genuine connection, which is what makes it special.

The Obsession

However, even so, that hardly makes sense. For what reason are Frieren and its characters generating such a cult following? How come it feels so personal, as if it were an extension of my being? The reason being, it’s intrinsic to who I am. For the simple reason that they aren’t remarkable, I adore Frieren and its characters.

Himmel, the protagonist, isn’t even the one who was supposed to be selected; he skipped out on waiting for the real one to come along and vanquish the villain. Rather, he seized an arbitrary sword, assembled a band of companions, and set out on a quest to usher in a period of tranquility.

Frieren Anime Season 1 review
Credit: Madhouse Studios and Crunchyroll

Reasons to admire Frieren Anime Season 1 review

It’s not often that we see a group of ordinary people coming together to save the world as heroes. The reason I admire these characters is that they don’t have any special traits; they just act like regular people.

Since Himmel was not the real chosen one, he could do anything he wanted. He knew he had a limited amount of time compared to Frieren, the immortal elf, and Eisen, the long-lived dwarf, but destroying the Dark Lord was still his top priority

So, he set out to make sure that his buddies would always remember the good times they had together by filling their hearts with wonderful memories. Indeed, it was a delightful journey. He made an impression that will last forever.

Favorite Waifu: Frieren

Let us now turn our attention to Frieren, our female protagonist. The demons cruelly slaughtered her community, where she was the strongest mage. She is now one of the world’s last remaining elves despite having lost her family and all she held dear.

Elves in Frieren have a different way of thinking and behaving than humans do. Their enthusiasm wanes as they get increasingly disoriented. They do nothing for a very long time, and eventually, they get forgotten. Their nature is such. This was also how Frieren was.

I knew Frieren may die thereafter she slew the demon general who had massacred her town. She seemed like a lifeless body as she sat there, completely still. She had accepted her impending death in light of her wounds and the absence of a healer.

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Frieren Anime Season 1 review
Credit: Madhouse Studios and Crunchyroll

Master Flamme

Admired as the ancestor of all emerging human magicians, Flamme located the Elf and saved her life. Flamme saw Frieren as the wizard of a peaceful age and decided to devote a large portion of her life to mentoring her after seeing her enormous potential.

Because she is the one responsible for humans being able to wield magic, Flamme is a favorite character of mine in this novel. She has paved the way for magic to be available to anyone. Magic can be a tool for some people to ensure their existence, while for others it can be a means to make mundane tasks more enjoyable.

Before his death, Flamme had a full and fruitful life. Her life expectancy was limited, as it was for all humans. It’s little wonder she chose Frieren to be her mentee; after all, she wanted Frieren to be the one to live on in the realm she created, preserve the tranquility, and bear witness to the enchanted world she had imagined.

Efforts to change

Frieren has become used to losing things, and she is immortal. It breaks her heart that she has such a hard time putting her sentiments into words because she loves so much about the people in her life. But she has a hard time putting her feelings into words.

Even though Frieren had deep feelings for her future partner, she had a hard time understanding the meaning of his passionate remarks and the memories they made. She failed to notice the presence of love until after it had happened. It was a tragic event, yet it helped her mature as a person.

Even if Himmel is no longer physically present, Frieren still has mementos from their shared life—treasures that will help her cope with his departure. People fail to understand Himmel’s point when they say he’s foolish for being selfless. He never acted out of a desire for return.

It was his deepest wish that Frieren would stop existing and start living, the way she had been doing before they met. Himmel knew she had a long life ahead of her, and he wished she would enjoy every second of it. Frieren learned a great deal from his many teachings.

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Frieren Anime Season 1 review
Credit: Madhouse Studios and Crunchyroll

A great cast and characters

As a mentor to the youngsters of this peaceful age, Frieren draws on the knowledge and insight she and her friends have received. Numerous vividly realized characters abound throughout the narrative. Every member of the cast is superb, and they all contribute significantly. Super smitten with Stark and Fern.

Frieren has a large ensemble that includes numerous people who are easy to relate to and like. The protagonists and antagonists of this novel aren’t superheroes; rather, they’re regular people experiencing magical adventures.

Even though these people live in a time of relative calm, the Dark Lord’s specters linger in the background. Heroes like Frieren and her allies stand watch over their world, protecting it from harm and making sure the peace Himmel brought about lasts. That’s it for my personal Frieren Anime Season 1 review and opinions.

Potential Season 2 Release Date?

There hasn’t been any news or updates for now for Frieren anime season 2. But everyone knows that it won’t take that much time for the announcement.

Those who can’t wait and want to continue the story, they can start the manga from Sousou no Frieren Chapter 61. It is available to read online on Viz Media.

We will update this article once we have any news or updates regarding season 2.

Where the fans can watch Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Anime fans can watch and enjoy the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End season 1 on the Crunchyroll platform. Madhouse Studios produced the anime and has 28 episodes. Feel free to let us know how you like the anime in the comments section.

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