Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review: Perfect in every way

Another masterpiece has come to an end this season. The anime was perfect and well-adapted in every way. A1 Pictures didn’t disappoint the fans. In this article, we will check out the Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review, information about the part 2 release date, and Solo Leveling: Ragnarok manhwa information which might be starting soon.

Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review
Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review/ Credit: A1 Pictures and Crunchyroll

Recap and Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review

This season we saw the premiere of the most hyped manhwa adaptation, “Solo Leveling,” The anime manages to be both subtle and well-rounded; it aspires to be energetic and striking throughout its action sequences without going overboard.

The anime was making an effort to beef up the plot by including novel sequences that were absent from the manhwa and by creating entirely new scenes from the anime itself. The early world and character setups improved things for later on!

Storytelling in the manhwa and novel was predominantly from Sung Jinwoo’s perspective. Consequently, it was hard to pay attention to anybody else or the universe at large. Interesting thing is, that the anime isn’t limiting its focus to Jinwoo alone; it’s embracing everything!

Plus the start of the anime had a very brutal and gore sequences. I thought that there was a chance it might censored. But it didn’t and made the scenes more enjoyable and real for the fans.

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Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review
Credit: A1 Pictures and Crunchyroll

Crisp Animation

The start of the Solo Leveling anime does a fantastic job of capturing the terror, tension, grief, and general mayhem. The layouts and OSTs did a great job of capturing the foreboding mood.

Gradually after the two episodes, the anime picked up the pace along with animation. The drawing was strong with crisp sharpness, plus the CGI and 3d animation looked much better.

Plus, we meet the stunning Cha Hae-in. The dusk illumination inside the guild office makes her appear stunning. How on earth can someone be so charming, timid, and beautiful while also being so powerful and dependable? Reina Ueda’s voice further enhances Haein’s magnificence. Ten times over!

The Leveling starts in Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review

Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review
Credit: A1 Pictures and Crunchyroll

And finally, for the Jinwoo along with his system, his journey to become stronger was stunning. It was not all the plot armor or luck that started to made him strong.

Jinwoo worked hard and followed the system’s guidance to become stronger. He faced immense danger to grow stronger. The first main fight in the dungeon with the snake boss was done pretty well. Aside from the voice acting, the use of OSTs, colors, SFX, and VFX was also spot on. The direction was the glue that kept everything in place.

Taito Ben who was the voice actor for Sung Jinwoo did a fine job. I think not many fans or users on the internet gave him the credit for what he has done this season. For me, it was the perfect casting. Sometimes, his voice gave me goosebumps while watching the episode.

Side Characters and World-Building

Even though there wasn’t much world-building in the novel and manhwa but it was adapted pretty well in the anime. Most of the world buildings elements we are going to see from the Part 2 course.

On the other hand, the side characters were expressed correctly. The scenes from the novel and additional anime scenes represented the story for them greatly.

We have been introduced to many A ranks along with S ranks. But they haven’t fought or made the move yet. But this will change in the upcoming season. And the raid on Jeju island will be epic to see in part 2.

I would like to see how A1 pictured will adapt all the backstories from here for them. The pacing has been good throughout the season and I hope they won’t rush anything from the next season.

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Rise of Shadow Monarch

Last but not least for the Solo Leveling Season 1 anime review are the last two episodes. These were the most anticipated episodes of the season.

In the 11th episode, Jinwoo goes to a job change dungeon and faces Igris who guards the empty throne. The most surprising name was Kikuchi(director), who is known for his excellent non-action storyboarding and directing; nonetheless, he produced an incredible, nonstop action extravaganza!

Although the entire episode was ambitious, the 3D camerawork truly stole the show, taking the action sequences to a whole new level. The CG knights fit in perfectly with the rest of the scene, and the changeover to the 2D knights also appeared seamless.

And the way they adapted Igris from the manhwa was on point for me. The fight between Jinwoo and Igris was well choreographed to perfection. A1 pictures didn’t miss while adapting this fight.


And for the last episode of the season, we finally got to see Jinwoo and his one-man army power. The episode starts with immense back-to-back fights with knights.

Great action sequence, voice acting, and animation. The penalty zone which saves him and sends him to the area where he has to fight the centipede monsters was also icing on the cake. The animators absolutely cooked the scene.

The shadow necromancer’s hidden class has been finally unlocked and Jinwoo has started to raise his shadow army. Igris and the knights have joined the team and Jinwoo has become insanely strong.

Solo Leveling Season 2 (2nd cour)

The rumors are going around to complete the series in 6 seasons. But that is still too far. For now, it has been confirmed that Solo Leveling will return with season 2 (2nd cour) Although the release date is not out yet, but we can predict it around October or December 2024.

Where To Read Solo Leveling and Solo Leveling: Ragnarok?

For the fans who want more of Solo Leveling, you can read the manhwa on Tapas and Kakao Page officially from around chapter 46.

Also, the sequel, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok might be starting in April as the source and rumors say for now. We will update the information once it is confirmed.

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Where To Watch Solo Leveling Anime

Now the first part is finally over, the fans can stream and watch all 12 episodes of Solo Leveling anime officially on the Crunchyroll platform.

I would also like to thank A1 Pictures and everyone who has worked hard for this and given the fans what they have been hoping for for a long time.

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